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Recruiting Automation Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Recruiting automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more commonplace in the industry. Unfortunately, it seems that as the prevalence grows, so do the myths.

Let’s tackle some of the myths that we see all the time and uncover the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Recruiting automation will ultimately replace recruiters.

This is the number one recruiting automation myth that we hear. Recruiting automation simply cannot mimic the efficacy of human relationships no matter how smart it gets. So the idea of automation or artificial intelligence entirely replacing recruiters is nowhere near our reality. In reality, recruiting automation is at its best when it supports recruiters and augments their abilities.

Automation, machine learning, and AI can replace the more administrative tasks that recruiters are overwhelmed with. Resume reviewing, applicant rating, and interview scheduling are great places to add technology! 

Myth #2: AI, machine learning, and automation are all the same thing.

While artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are often used interchangeably, they actually play very different roles in your work process. We go over the full details and the definitions in this blog post.

It’s highly likely that you’re actually already using automation in the automatic email confirmations that get sent to job applicants. If you’re using a resume reviewing tool, you’re also using machine learning.

As with all tools, it’s essential to understand the pain points you’re solving for to find the right solution.

Myth #3: Automation can handle the entire recruiting process.

Have you ever been on the phone with a Customer Support line where you just get stuck in an endless cycle of trying to get a person on the phone? It’s the “too much of a good thing” problem. AI, automation, and machine learning are an incredible addition to your workflow. That doesn’t mean you should completely hand over the reins!

Replacing the entire recruitment process with some sort of AI technology removes the human-to-human connection that recruiters and jobseekers need to be successful. In addition, quality AI technology needs a human hand to guide it.

Myth #4: Only big companies have any use for recruiting automation.

While technology is certainly invaluable to big companies dealing with millions of candidate data points, it’s beneficial for smaller teams, too. Automation, machine learning, and AI have a place in every recruiting process…not just at major companies.

With 82% of employees reporting a decrease in team size but no reduction in workload, even the smallest teams need support to handle all of their tasks. Adding the right AI technology to your existing team can help them do more with less. On top of that, you can expect to see less stress and a lower chance of burnout!

Myth #5: Automation can’t handle or has no place in supporting a human process like recruitment.

Automation, when used effectively, will actually bring your recruiting process from good to great. Changing any work process can be challenging and stressful. Adding AI or automation to a traditionally manual process can be even more difficult. While every team’s needs are different, the crux of the tech adoption problem is often a lack of trust between the tool and the user.

In How to Build Trust in Recruiting Automation we go over the 6 steps you need to take to make automation the right solution.

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Bringing recruiting automation to your workday isn’t always going to be black and white. There will be areas where it’s a perfect solution and places where it’s better for a team member to keep their hands involved. But more often than not, a partnership between the skills and intelligence of your team and the efficiency and speed of automation will make your company unstoppable.