Recruiting Inefficiency and How to Change It

Recruiting Inefficiency and How to Change It

Posted on February 26, 2020, by Devyn Hinchee

A few months back, we were shown this article from Forbes. Dawn Graham wrote about the broken hiring process and how it drains everyone involved from recruiters to job seekers. She shared her experiences of working as a corporate recruiter and her honesty was enthralling.

It also got us thinking.

The hiring process is currently broken and our goal has always been to solve it…it’s literally in our name. One of the ways we want to see it solved is with increased efficiency for recruiters. We never want anyone else to have to write, “Like most corporate recruiters, I was assigned more job requisitions to fill than was humanly possible…”

Inefficiency at work is an epidemic in recruiting. Recruiters are left scrambling trying to find the information, candidates, and communication they need and candidates and job seekers are left wondering what’s going on. Recruiters are being handed requisitions day in and day out and they’re given inefficient tools to get the work done, so they’re working hours and hours and hours in the day on tasks that, with the right tools, could be done in minutes.

The time to move past this level of inefficiency is now. It’s time to look at this broken process and fix it. Let’s look at how you can be more efficient at work.

Look internal

We always stand by the fact that your internal data is a goldmine. If you’re not searching in your internal data first, you’re missing out on some fantastic candidates. Starting internal also allows you to decide whether you need to spend the time/effort to source from outside candidates or not. We constantly refer back to this article from Glen Cathey which is now 8 years old but still relevant.

Analyze your situation to find the right tools

Technology is here to help. There are tools out there to help you unlock your internal data (Hello! That’s us! That’s what we do!), tools to help you easily schedule interview times across time zones and numerous schedules, tools to make communicating a breeze, and more. While these tools are often what you need to go from inefficient to productive, you need to have the right one for the roadblocks you’re facing. Sit down and honestly take a look at the roadblocks you’re facing then begin looking for tools to fix it. If you don’t know the specific problems you’re facing, you could end up with tools you don’t need or won’t do the work that you need them to.

In a recent episode of The HireCast, Devyn, Dan, and Heather Thomas join up to talk about technology and how it can be used effectively in your workday. Check that episode out here!

Build habits and processes

Maybe you follow the Pomodoro technique or timeblock during your workday, maybe you take every Friday afternoon to send feedback to all of your active candidates, maybe you schedule a coffee date with someone new every week so your constantly growing your network…whatever habits work for you are welcome here. Building these habits will allow you to automate some of your focus in the same way that automation tools help you outsource tasks.

Tell us how you are combatting recruiting inefficiency over on Twitter!

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