Resume Match: What It Is and How It Works

“I just want to find 5 more people who are as good as this one.”

How many times have you found yourself saying that as you’re sourcing?

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Sourcing Challenges

Finding the right candidates for an open position is one of the most difficult steps in the recruiting process. There are often thousands of people, if not more, who qualify for a position so it comes down to the sourcing process to separate the qualified from the right fit.

It’s not uncommon for hiring managers to point to the star players on the team to model the requisition after. Whether it’s their work experience that is impressive or their attitude, hiring managers rely on their existing teams to set the foundation for where their team will go.

What is Resume Match?

HiringSolved’s Resume Match was created particularly for the times when you have a star team member that you want to use as the start of your search. All you have to do is drag-and-drop their resume into the search screen and HiringSolved will automatically find similar candidates within your internal data.

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Resume Match helps your sourcing process go from hours to seconds. 

BONUS: You can upload more than just a resume! You can even upload the job description and let HiringSolved handle creating the perfect search for you automatically.

How To Know if Resume Match Is the Right Tool for You

Do you want to cut back on the time you spend sourcing but achieve better results?

Are you in need of a tool who helps you create the right search?

Do you want to fill your team with similar candidates to the star players?

Then Resume Match is right for you. 

We created Resume Match to help sourcers and recruiters save time searching so they can spend those hours building relationships with their candidates.

What would you do with ⅓ of your work week back?

Don't stop now. Keep reading!

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