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Same But Different: How Two Agencies Found New Ways To Grow Revenue: The Recap

On April 26th, Staffing Industry Analysts and our EVP Dave Barthel sat down with MeeDerby’s Robin Mee and Kim Whiteley and Hire Road’s Bryan Watson to discuss implementing process and product changes in a period of high demand. They shared their experience implementing HiringSolved in 2021/22 as well as what it meant to tackle that project with all that was going on in their world.

What was the biggest implementation challenge you faced?

All of the panelists mentioned that onboarding and getting recruiters actually to use new tools is the hardest thing. Many staffing teams have an “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality, and many don’t notice their broken processes. Especially in times like now, it can be hard to carve out the time to implement a new tool.

As Bryan Watson mentioned, “…The moment you introduce a new technology, some skepticism will come with that. Very early on in the process, we’ll bring in some of our senior leaders and say, ‘Review this and give us your feedback.’ And we recognize the importance of that feedback.”

At MeeDerby, Robin Mee shared, “With every placement, we celebrate where that candidate came from.” By celebrating those wins, you can bypass the challenge of users not seeing the value in using the tool and immediately turn your eyes to the results.

How did you prioritize adding new tech while facing massive demand?

Companies like Hire Road have been facing 300% growth in the past couple of years, and they made it a priority to add new tech. But how did they do it?

“We didn’t want to have to pull our producers from their day-to-day activities, so we always did implementation tasks during lunchtimes. We bought lunch and worked through those tasks when they could be focused and relaxed. Once we were live, we wanted to focus on the fact that our business was shifting and really emphasize utilizing a tool like HiringSolved to fill those jobs faster and ultimately, make more money.” – Bryan Watson, Managing Partner at Hire Road

Knowing your goals and what you want the tech to accomplish for you helps. As Dave Barthel shared, “If you can define what you’re trying to solve, you’re going to have a better result.”

Robin Mee, President of MeeDerby, shared that at MeeDerby, “Massive demand or normal demand, prioritizing technology is a company value. As a recruiting and retention tool, technology is really important to your current team and to the people who want to come and work for you.”

How did you get your team on board?

So how did they actually get their team on board? MeeDerby and Hire Road turned to their values as a company and a team to lead the charge.

“We are a group of lifelong learners, so everybody is interested in improving what they’re doing on a daily basis. By getting the whole team involved and really giving them a voice and showing them the importance of it and how it’s going to help them make more placements quickly and easier.” – Kim Whiteley, Vice President at MeeDerby

The MeeDerby team also works hard to make every tool launch day a party! They worked with us to release their customer story, had a big launch meeting, wore HiringSolved t-shirts, and posted pictures. The more fun you can make it, the better. They also updated their incentive plan to make it part of their team’s plan to use the new tool.

They played to the competitive nature their team already had at Hire Road. “Most of our team we identified and hired them right into this industry, and most of them have a background in competitive landscapes, so we try to play on that competitive nature as best as we can and know that they’re hungry. Outside of the competitions we have in place, we know that this is a numbers game, and we try to make everything visible.”

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