Should You Switch Your ATS?

When your team is running into issues with your technology, you might begin seriously looking at switching your ATS platform. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing in new tools if yours aren’t serving you, but when making a decision like changing an ATS or CRM you need to look at it from all angles.

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The Needs of Your Team

Whenever you’re looking for new tools and solutions for your team, you need to understand what your team is looking for. Talk to your team members about what their concerns are when it comes to the existing tech stack. Compile a list of those concerns and begin researching whether the right thing to do is to switch ATSs or gather resources to optimize your existing tools.

The Abilities of the Tech

One of the most important things to consider when deciding if there is something “wrong” with your ATS is to consider if your expectations match the reality of what an ATS can do. If you are expecting your ATS to do anything more than hold and track your applicant data, then you’re expectations are off-base.

If you’re pleased with how your ATS holds your data, but want to be able to better visualize and search the data, that’s where we come in.

Cost Analysis

An ATS or CRM is one of the cornerstones in your tech stack. Making the choice to change systems can often be costly both in dollars and in time. You need to spend hours researching the right system for you, working with sales teams, working with your existing vendors to manage and export the data as needed, and then there is the time that goes into training your teams on the new tool.

While costs will vary, it’s important to put your time into dollars to decide if the change is worth the investment.

Other Solutions

If your ATS isn’t reaching your expectations, we can help. Here at HiringSolved we’ve created technology that brings talent intelligence to your data. We can show you exactly what your data can do for you. From analytics and insights to messaging capabilities, we can support you and your team as we create a perfect recruiting workflow together.

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