SourceCon 2013 Seattle Ticket Giveaway

HiringSolved, whose breakthrough technology has been proclaimed the “Google for recruiting,” is excited to announce its platinum sponsorship of this year’s SourceCon 2013. In addition, HiringSolved will be raffling 2 tickets (worth $1,295 each) to this year’s event, “All Things Sourcing.”

SourceCon is a two-day convention packed with classes and workshops that will provide you with successful sourcing strategies for better recruiting. SourceCon 2013 takes place in Seattle, WA, on October 2-3, and will be a great chance to network and learn the latest technologies (like HiringSolved) to take your sourcing skills to a higher level.

We have two SourceCon tickets to give away and two ways to win: by chance, or through sourcing skills. Here are the details on how to win:

  1. Feeling lucky? Take a chance and enter the raffle by shooting a tweet @HiringSolved and include the hashtag #SourceCon in the same tweet. The winners will be picked Wednesday, September 4th, from HiringSolved HQ at Gangplank. The raffle will be streamed live at 11:50am MST. We even promise to get dressed up for it.
  2. Up for a sourcing challenge? Tweet @HiringSolved with the solution to The Hunt. The first to tweet the correct & complete answer wins the ticket! Hints will be sent out via @HiringSolved’s twitter account for the next two weeks with the hashtag #sourceclue.

One ticket per winner. Please note: refunds will not be given to someone who enters/wins who has already registered for SourceCon. And you’ve got to make your own way there (our car is full).

HiringSolved: The Fastest Way To Find Talent (and get free tix to SourceCon 2013).