First up at SourceCon Seattle, Jason Roberts took the stage to share his keynote: Lessons From the 2019 State of Talent and Acquisition.

Pulling from a survey of 800 C-suite and human capital leaders and 1,700 working professionals across 17 countries, Roberts was able to share a bit about the state of our industry: where the disconnects are, where employers are aligned with workers, etc. To see where the SourceCon audience fell in to what the data suggested, he created a live poll where attendees were able to answer some of the same questions and see the results in real time. Here were some of the questions and poll responses:

What are you most excited about in our industry? A large portion of responders promoted the growth of diversity.

What are you most worried about? Automation, competition, experience, and recession were just some of the concerns.

From then he had attendees answer some of the questions from the survey:

Which one of these channels for you rely on most when advertising jobs to candidates? SourceCon attendees shared:

  • LinkedIn: 60%
  • Company website: 29%
  • Indeed: 8%
  • Job Boards about 4%

In response to the same question, employers polled said the corporate site, Facebook, and LinkedIn while workers polled said corporate site, LinkedIn, and job boards. While LinkedIn and the corporate site were a top three for both, job boards didn’t make the cut for employers while they’re still a focus for workers.

Does technology make recruiting less personal? 77% of the session attendees said no. In the wider survey, 62% of employers say it does and 53% of employers say it does.

What’s the most essential piece of technology you use everyday? This is the question that got the more surprising response.
SourceCon attendees shared:

  • ATS: 43%
  • CRM 5%
  • People Aggregator (i.e. HiringSolved): 6%
  • LinkedIn: 43%
  • Job Boards: 2%

That’s right, there was a battle between an ATS system and LinkedIn for the most important piece of tech that sourcers use everyday.

How important is your company’s brand to your success as a recruiter/sourcer? 75% of SourceCon attendees say super duper important and 21% said it’s important.  In the wider survey, 92% of employers say brand has a major/minor impact and 75% of workers say an employer brand is important to their selection of a job.

“If you’re a destination point brand, your problem is screening people out. A brand that isn’t a destination point has a problem of not being able to pull people in.” – Jason Roberts


The main takeaway was that it’s important to consider what candidates may be thinking in connection with what employers are thinking and working to be able to provide the bridge between those two things.