Glen Cathey took the stage on day 2 of SourceCon to share how to become the best sourcer that you can be via the lessons that he learned throughout the years.

The first thing he said was that when he is talking about sourcing candidates he’s actually talking about outbound recruiting because it does involve interacting and gaining interest in ways we don’t always think about. He highlighted the practice of sticking with problems longer than anyone else because there are solutions that only come to problems after you’ve spentĀ  the time. You need to be ready to fail, fail, fail, and then fail again because one time you’re going to find the solution.

He introduced the idea of deliberate practice. What is deliberate practice? Cathey broke it down.

  • Deliberate practice has a goal to improve performance by design. That means that you always need to be ready to be better and be practicing to be better rather than to just continue doing as you’ve been doing.
  • High repetition is key. Activity matters.
  • Continuous feedback is a cornerstone. This can be feedback from a peer-to-peer level or from a manager.
  • It has to be mentally challenging.
  • It’s not about the answers. The “how” is more important than the “what”.
  • Metacognition which means that you are aware of what’s going on as you do. Asking questions of yourself is a key element.
  • Hard work…it’s going to be hard work.
  • Setting goals could make all the difference.
  • Continuous improvement. You need to be getting better over time. It’s not easy, but it pays off. Activity and numbers matter so don’t be afraid from metrics. The only way you can grow is knowing where you start.


“Mindset is what separates someone who is world-class from someone who is good.” – Glen Cathey