Every Spring, it’s a natural human reaction to want to clear off the darkness from the winter and open every window in the house, office, and car to let in the sunshine. For a lot of people, spring cleaning also makes its way to the top of the to do list and that’s not without reason. Cleaning has more positive effects than you may realize! It doesn’t just make a space look nicer, according to Reader’s Digest, it could improve your mood, make you healthier, and make you more productive at work.

Even if it’s good for you, that doesn’t mean it’s always fun (see also: broccoli, exercising, etc.). But you don’t need to spend weeks of your life cleaning, you can take just a few minutes each day and by the end of the week, you’ve got a new, clean space and a brighter outlook on your workday.

Make a note: All organization is just the foundation for optimization. So organize with whatever style you need. If it works for you, it works!



  • Throw out any unused items on your desk. This could be anything from old water bottles and coffee cups to junk mail. Clear off the things that can immediately be tossed out or washed up.


  • Clear off all of the paperwork on your desk and organize it as needed. Something that needs to be done this week? Put it in one folder. Something that can be taken care of next week or later? Put it in another folder. Better yet, if you don’t need to keep a paper trail, scan the items into your computer and shred them. (TIP: If you don’t have a scanner on hand, Adobe Scan is a free app that you can use.)


  • Take it digital. Now we don’t mean that you have to go all Ron Swanson on us…although, to be honest, we wouldn’t judge you if you did.

But do take a look at your desktop and make sure that it’s organized so that you can find what you need within a few clicks. There are few things more frustrating than knowing that you have a file on your computer only to have to dig for ten minutes to find it. The same rules apply for your inbox, ATS, CRM, or whatever digital things you’re using on a daily basis; just clean it up. Your brain will thank you.


  • Actually clean. We mean grab a rag and a multi-purpose cleaner and take everything off your desk and give it a good scrub down. Clean your computer screen for the first time in too long with a good quality screen cleaner (seriously, don’t skimp on screen cleaner).


  • Make it pretty. You’ve thrown stuff out, you’ve organized, you’ve cleaned, now it’s time to bring the space back together and make it what you want. Is it looking a little drab with just folders and pens? Throw on a framed picture of your favorite vacation spot or a add a potted plant to the corner. Did you realize that you’re spending more time shaking pens trying to get them to work than you do writing? Pick up some new ones.

It doesn’t have to take a whole day to clean up your space and make a positive impact on your productivity. Take a few minutes for yourself everyday and know that you’re going to come out the other side with a cleaner desk and a refreshed mind, ready to take on whatever comes your way.