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Staffing Flux and the Need for Continual Innovation

I’m not the first one to say that 2020 was tough. We all felt it; personally, professionally, and financially. As we move forward, we need to craft a new staffing landscape that embraces the positive things we learned out of such a difficult year.

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Staffing teams have faced a particular set of challenges and have a particular set of hurdles in front of them. SIA is currently expecting a 12% industry growth this year after an estimated decline of 11% in 2020. Many firms, like Robert Half and Groupe Crit, reported a dip in Q1 revenue, 7.6% and 13% respectively. Although, Robert Half CEO Keith Waddell optimistically shared, “We are experiencing a faster early cycle recovery than we have seen in the past which positions us well for future growth.”

Meanwhile, healthcare teams like AMN and Cross Country Healthcare are reporting massive revenue growth, 47% and 57% respectively. 

So what are staffing teams actually facing? The fact of the matter is that 2020 has shown us that every staffing team has to be ready for everything from the expected to the unpredictable.

Be Prepared for Anything and Everything

How resilient is your company? Moving forward, resilience should be a key pillar of your business strategies. Building resilience is critical to be ready for anything that comes your way. 

It can be exceptionally difficult to build a plan or strategy for every possible occurrence. After all, no one was prepared for COVID or 2020. But if you work together with your leadership to build resilience as a key soft skill amongst your team and strategies you will be ready for anything without having to take the time to make up and plan for every possibility.

Being resilient also means being prepared.  In most instances in staffing, recruiters are working “pro-bono” until they make a placement, and competition is fierce.  Are your recruiters prepared to outwork the competition?  Are they prepared with a great slate of candidates to engage?  If not, they lose the competitive edge.

Build Consultative Partnerships

No one can or should face difficulties alone. Just like you turn to your family and friends in your personal life, building the right partnerships amongst your vendors and teams will make every day easier.

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When you’re looking for a vendor, make sure you’re looking for someone who will work closely with you to create the successful future you imagine. You don’t want someone who just comes in, changes everything, and disappears. There’s a reason we talk so much about consultative partnerships here at HiringSolved. We know that when we work alongside our clients, rather than simply integrating our software and walking away, we support their success.

We recently had a client who, upon seeing our Data Quality Report of their internal database prior to integration, learned that over half of their candidates had no resume saved in their ATS. Our client’s initial reaction was to completely delete and purge those candidates because they didn’t see any value in incomplete profiles. Our team instead suggested that their team reach out to those candidates and request their resumes as a re-engagement campaign. Since then, our client has made quality hires directly from that campaign.

By working alongside our client and by building that trust between us, we were honored to support their strategy and their success. Consultative partnerships allow our product to be guided by your teams’ needs and for your strategies to be guided by what our product can make possible.

Rebuild “Normal”

There’s a lot of conversation around “the new normal”, but in all honesty, we don’t know what “normal” is going to be. 

Besides, is “normal” really what we want? Or do we want “great”? “Innovative”? “Original”? We need to stop focusing on the “normal” part of the “new normal” and start focusing on the “new.”

How is your team going to prioritize innovation? Technology is one of the most applicable ways to continually innovate your processes and strategies. New tools bring new abilities. By implementing tools like experienced automation, artificial intelligence, and constantly optimizing machine learning, your team can innovate regularly. 

Implementing the right tools can bring you successes like you haven’t experienced before. Despite the major industry downturn and revenue drops that companies like Robert Half reported, one of our staffing clients, Green Key Resources, told us, “After integrating HiringSolved, we had the best quarter we’ve had in over 15 years.” The right tools in the hands of the right teams will make “normal” a thing of the past.

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How is your team going to face 2021? 
Are you itching to get back to where we were before the world changed? 
Or are you going to take what you learned and build something brand new?