At HIREconf 2019, Heather Thomas took to the stage (in a Star Trek costume no less). She kicked off the day of presentations by looking at technology and why we’re so resistant to accepting new technology into our industry. Why do we stress about the level of work we need to do, but then we don’t accept technological help?

Heather Thomas speaking at HIREconf 2019

In 2018, Harris conducted an online on behalf of an RPO company surveying over 2,000 U.S. employed adults on the impact of AI in the workforce: 90% agreed that AI will change the workforce, while 63% thought AI will have a negative impact. But why are we so resistant?

Everyone in business is trying to understand why smart employees create their own obstacles.  It’s incredibly obvious right now in Talent Acquisition. Author and behavioral researcher, Daniel Ariely, detailed in his 2012 Ted Talk how the power of priming dramatically affects people.  

Could this be why highly intelligent Recruiters and Sourcers want technological solutions to their challenges, but then fail to adopt them? Could it be as simple as widely adopted science fiction themes in movies and pop culture are playing havoc with their minds? The role that technology played in Star Trek is fantastic! It was used as a complement to the work that humans were doing and, ultimately, humans were in control, but in the back of our minds, we’re worried that working with AI will bring about the destruction of the world with a neural network that hates humans like Skynet in Terminator.

To be able to embrace AI and new technologies into your world, you need to be willing to decide what role it can play. Your AI assistant will never be you. It will never be a human, nor should it ever take the place of a human. What it can do is free up the time for you to be able to design human moments where they’re needed.

Heather shared a time when she tested new software and after 10 minutes of use she thought, “This sucks…I’ve seen all of these applicants.” Then it hit her…she just saw 600 potential candidates in 10 minutes when it had taken her 3 months to collect the same data. The technology wasn’t doing anything she couldn’t do, but it was certainly doing it faster and more efficiently.

AI is not here to replace you as a recruiter. We’re seeing time and time again that candidates don’t just want to interact with technology, they want to work with people.

It’s up to you to decide to let technology manage what you shouldn’t so that you can do what it can’t.

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