Taking Action on Your Recruitment Strategy

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You’ve outlined your goals, you have buy-in from your leadership, and you have a plan in place…what happens with your recruitment strategy now?

The simple answer: Be like Nike and just do it.

The more realistic answer: Take your time and do it right.

Making the shift from strategy to action isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, “employees at 3 out of 5 companies rated their organization weak at execution.” Executing a strategy infers a change to the status quo, and changing the status quo is hard. While there’s no singular right way to get a recruitment strategy going, we do have some suggestions to get it done.

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What Does Strategic Action Look Like?

Strategic action is simply taking action on a defined strategy with a unified goal and team. There are a few particular benefits that come from strategic planning and action.

Better Resource Usage

Strategic action allows you to allot resources as you know you need them, rather than spending time and money on guesses and hopes. 

Everyone Knows Their Role

Everyone on your team should feel empowered to take authority over their tasks and role. By planning and taking action strategically, every recruiter will know the tasks they are responsible for and give them the confidence to take power over their own space.

Mitigated Risks

When you know what you need to get done and who is responsible for it, you can avoid mistakes and risks. The expert recruiters on your team can collaborate to understand where there may be issues, and they can make recommendations as needed to make sure things go off without a hitch.

Taking Action On Your Recruitment Strategy

It’s clear that moving from plan to action strategically is the way to go, but how do you do it? We’ve got four tips to make the process a little easier.

Confirm Your Plans and Buy-In

In theory, you’ve already confirmed your plans. But before starting any execution, ensure that you have full support for all of the work. Send that one last email, have that one last meeting, etc., to confirm that everyone is on board. 

Make sure that all of the expectations are set with everyone involved, including team members and stakeholders. The goals, priorities, timelines, and tasks should all be aligned before the work can begin.

Set Accountability and Deadlines

You know what you’re going to do, but do you know who will do it? And when will it get done? If you’re leading a whole team, you’re going to need to assign tasks and deadlines. If this is a strategy you’re implementing for yourself, you can still set those deadlines to help inspire action.

Maintain Productive Communication

You probably meet with your team reasonably often, but how do you feel coming out of those meetings? 2020 led to a massive surge in recruiting teams working from home, and with it came a new influx of meetings and adjusting communication styles.

Make sure that your communication has an objective and is delivered in an effective medium. For example, if you’re looking to brainstorm, a meeting can be perfect. But if you just want a status update on where everyone is with their tasks, a Slack channel or email thread may be more appropriate. By prioritizing your communication time to be productive, your team can prioritize their work hours to be productive!

Assess and Adjust

Implementing a recruitment strategy isn’t just a “set it and forget it” situation. 

Within your plan, define how often you plan to check in on your progress. How often it is appropriate varies depending on the strategy, but at least monthly is a good benchmark. By checking in often and thoroughly, you can make plans to adjust if things aren’t working out. Remember that your recruitment strategy should have included outcomes to measure against.

Want to keep your team morale up? Build milestones into your plans and celebrate when you reach them! The celebrations don’t have to be significant but can be something simple like a shout-out in a Slack channel or a digital Starbucks gift card.

While you should take your time, taking action on your recruitment strategy does come down to getting to work. Motivate yourself and your team through valuable efforts and productive communication, and make sure that you celebrate your successes! In no time at all, you’ll begin to see the incredible results that come from working strategically.

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