The 3 Things You Need to Successfully Use Automation

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On July 9th, our very own Fara Rives took the virtual stage at the TA Global Gathering to talk about how automation is changing the Talent Acquisition industry. Technology, more specifically automation, is a must for delivering greater results and doing more with less.

Fara kicked off her presentation talking about the 3 things that recruiting teams need to know in order to successfully implement automation with your team.

Do you know what those three components are?

Data Strategy

This one can be scary. If you haven’t worked through what your data looks like, that needs to be your first step. It’s likely that you have goldmines of data and information sitting among the technologies you use. You need data control. You need to normalize all of the data that you have and get it to a place where a job title is a job title and a name is a name.

Machine + Human Interaction

Machines aren’t going to take over our jobs. Once this is understood, you and your team can begin to see how machine learning can supplement your workflow. When you introduce automation into human processes, you’re disrupting that process and that is what causes the innate pushback that recruiters often give at the state of implementation.

Teams need to see machines and technologies as partners in their workflow. As you build small success and small nuggets of trust, that partnership can flourish.


You can’t talk about implementing automation without thinking about how it affects the inclusivity of your recruiting process. It’s not uncommon to get stopped dead in your tracks when you start thinking about inclusivity. We’re in a world where we’re just beginning to see how inclusivity and machine learning can work together and it’s a journey that we all get to take together.

As Fara suggested during the TA Global Gathering, start at the beginning. Start with looking at your data strategy and really understand the mental model of the user you’re trying to impact and the road to success will be smoother!

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