It’s February. We’re not sure how that happened so fast but let’s take a look at what January gave us.


In the Talent Acquisition World


Pink Slips and P45s

Alright, alright so we’re biased because we love Jackye, but there are few things better than watching friends gossip and chat. This particular episode is with Morgan Lobb from Vercida and they talk a little bit about why he is so passionate about diversity in the workplace and a little bit about where he’d hide a body if he had to.

Take a break from your day and enjoy.


The One Sourcing and Recruiting Skill You Need in 2019 by Jan Tegze

There’s a ton of content out there about the one thing that will make 2019 your most productive and best year yet, but this one is actually great. Spoiler: Jan suggests that we all need to get better at storytelling this year. That’s exactly what we’re focusing on this year and we’re interested to hear if it’s at the top of your list too.



Now for a bit of drama. SHRM has partnered with multiple organizations to encourage companies to hire workers with criminal backgrounds. Now that, in and of itself, is not that controversial, but one of the organizations they partnered with is Koch Industries. This isn’t the first time SHRM that has received such backlash. “Stakeholders previously employed the #fixitSHRM hashtag when Taylor appears with President Donald Trump to launch a workforce training initiative.”



Need a laugh? Might we suggest these letters from the frontline of the war for talent. No idea what we’re talking about? Click the link above. Then add your own because we need more things to laugh at.


In the World of HiringSolved


Working for the Best Company in the World

You would be very correct in thinking that we’re biased, but HiringSolved is the best company in the world. This month alone we’ve seen our team grow, learn, and work hard not just to improve sales or fix our products although those are always good things that we’re consistently doing, but to help each other out. We’ve recently added two new employees: Devyn Hinchee, our new Marketing Content Creator (that would be me, the one writing this…hi there!) and Heather Thomas, our new Solutions Consultant on our Customer Success team. Both Heather and I joined the team because we’re passionate about what HiringSolved is putting out into the world. As Heather mentioned the other day, “HiringSolved is working on the problems of the future.”

There’s still room if you want to be on a team with a bunch of super cool nerds who are always thinking a step ahead:


HIREconf 2019

Breaking down everything we know about the HR Tech industry and rebuilding it better in New York City. That’s really all we need to say. Get your tickets here.

Oh, we’ll say one more thing, the ticket prices go up as the date gets closer so…tick tock.