We’re back this month to take a look at what April brought us.


In the Talent Acquisition World


Is Recruiting Getting More Expensive?
This study from Kronos and The Human Capital Institute says yes. The gist is that an extended time-to-hire is resulting in a higher cost-per-hire. So what can be done to avoid the added expense and time? A focus on business priorities and a strategy in your recruiting and a strong internal pipeline could be the keys.


Paying Speakers: Yay or Nay
Katrina Kibben opened a crucial discussion this past month: whether speakers at conferences should be compensated. Ultimately, there were opinions at every point on the spectrum, but it came down to the belief that every situation is different. Sometimes working for free is totally okay if for whatever reason it works for you. But this conversation is crucial to start making sure that conferences are places with a diversity of speakers!


In the HiringSolved World


Integration Information Incoming
We know that when it comes to your tech stack, you want simple solutions. You want products that play nice together. After a couple of conversations our team had in April we realized that we want to give you all of the information you need as you’re deciding what is best for what you do.

Keep an eye on our blog because we’re going to be sharing how our products integrate with Taleo and Workday this month.


The Hirecast is Coming
What’s The Hirecast, you ask? It’s a podcast. A chat between two of our employees (Devyn Hinchee and Dan Louks) and whoever else they can wrangle about all things recruiting, sourcing, hiring, and working. We’re in the early stages now so patience is appreciated. We’ll keep you posted!