July has come and gone! August always brings to mind the days of back-to-school prep. I don’t know what it is but it seems like everybody comes out of the summer excitement and is ready to get back to work so it’s the perfect time to get caught up on what was missed during the long summer days.


What’s Wrong with Hiring a Gig Workforce?

In this two-part series (part one and part two), Dr. John Sullivan discusses 20 management problems that can arise with gig/contingent employees. The gig workforce certainly doesn’t show any signs of disappearing in the near future so it’s important to consider strategy when moving forward with hiring. Is a gig worker the best fit for a position or is a hiring manager going for it because it’s cheaper? Is the company already set up for gig workers to succeed and be a valuable addition or will it add more strain?

What do you think? As a recruiter, have you had success with gig workers or have you run into similar issues that Dr. Sullivan has?

Career Versus Just a Job

A new survey from CareerBuilder found that employees surveyed were split 50/50 on whether they were in their career or whether they’re currently at “just a job.” It also found that 32% plan to change jobs this year. Knowing where a candidate is in their work journey can help you make sure that you’re reaching out to them about the right opportunities.



The Robot, The Recruiter, and The Wood Chipper

In July, we started planning a new webinar! On August 13th, Shon Burton, our CEO, will be hosting a webinar all about the uncensored truth about AI.No product pitches, no buzzwords, just a conversation with an Engineer on what AI is, what it isn’t, and actionable steps you can take to make AI work for you. Register here.

#FocusOnChandler: Fostering Entrepreneurism

The city of Chandler, Arizona, where we are headquartered, recently did a video all about some wonderful start-ups in town and we were one of the features! Check out the video here to see our Data Center Operations Engineer, Tim Hardy, talk about what we do and why we love doing it in Chandler.