The Digest #8: A Look at August

The Digest #8: A Look at August

Posted on September 9, 2019, by Devyn Hinchee

Somehow it’s September…if anyone can explain to us when that happened, that’d be great. August was a bit of a month from Google Hire news to hosting our first webinar in too long, here’s what you need to be caught up on.


Are You Ready For The Future of Talent Acquisition?

The TA industry is always keeping an eye on the future. In order to be successful, you have to! Genine Wilson shared on Forbes that HR and TA professionals need to keep employees in mind when organizing work environments, they need to be prepared for changes in technology, and they need to make sure that Human Resources departments stay human. How are you and your team preparing for the future?

Google Will Shut Down Google Hire in 2020

Google announced last month that they will be shutting down Google Hire in 2020. This announcement seemed to come out of nowhere but thankfully, it’s not shuttering right away so users still have time to find a replacement.


IN THE HiringSolved WORLD

Webinar: The Robot, The Recruiter and the Wood Chipper

If you missed our webinar, you can see the full recording here. Shon talks about everything from what AI is, why it works well alongside humans, what humans do better, and how AI and ethics and bias coincide. If you’ve ever had a question about how AI affects out work, this is the webinar for you.


The Sun City Sourcing Society Presents Heather Thomas

Our very own Heather Thomas made her way to Arizona to speak with the Sun City Sourcing Society! She shared all things HR Tech and we definitely recommend you give it a watch!

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