Hello 2019! As we emerge from our winter holiday hiding hole, our team is doing just what everyone else is doing: pledging to be better people this year than we’ve ever been before.

Will we do it? Who knows?! But we can try.

Here’s what some members of the HiringSolved team want to work on this year:

“1. Hug my kid more
2. Kiss my wife more
3. Pet my dogs more
4. Grow HiringSolved more.”
 Shon Burton, CEO


“1. Finish my snake tracking side project and get users on it.
2. Become better with React
3. Become a invaluable team member of HiringSolved
4. Become better at Yoga.”
– Brian Hopkins, Software Engineer


“Read 50 books. Start learning lettering/calligraphy so I can hopefully DIY for my wedding. Get Google Analytics certified. Get the basics of Photoshop down. Drink water, just more water, all of the water.”
– Devyn Hinchee, Marketing Content Creator


“See more parades.  Already got one down, the Rose Parade.”
– Mick Fink, Operations Manager


“Visit 5 national parks.”
– Trevor Olson, CTO


“Stop eating gas station hotdogs for breakfast.”
– Ken Bedwell, Lead Software Engineer


“Don’t buy bacon to make at home.
Travel somewhere.
Keep doing art.
Close #2 gripper with each hand.”
– Tyler Niemen, Software Engineer


“Surf > Drink”
– John Strott, Product Designer


“1) Go to the gym at least 4 times per week with a family member. Walk the dogs often.
2) Contribute to grow HiringSolved and help more customers succeed.
3) Maintain work-life balance and enjoy as much time as possible with family.”
– Jeremy Roberts, VP of Growth & Customer Success


“Learn to weld, make that purpleheart/cherrywood box I’ve been sketching for two years…”
– Will Oxman, Software Engineer


“Learn a new skill, finish getting Italian citizenship, kick off my boot camp weekend class, help get a ton of renewals for HiringSolved.”
– Jessica Fuccello, Customer Success Manager


“1. Be more appreciative to those around me, and better express my appreciation for the things they do.
2. Spend/Waste less time on social media.
3. Become more focused and organized, personally and professionally.”
– Dan Louks, Customer Success Manager


“1. Learn how to play the keyboard.
2. Go for a bike ride every day.
3. Grow HiringSolved by recruiting people with passion who share our vision to join us on our mission to solve hiring.”
– Jessa Vatistas, Director of Talent