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The MeeDerby and HiringSolved Partnership

MeeDerby has been the leading executive search firm since 1988, and when they joined forces with HiringSolved earlier this year, we knew magic was going to happen. For over 30 years, MeeDerby has completed over 2,500 searches for hundreds of companies. They are a women-led and owned company with an incredible team dedicated to getting the right people in the right roles with an eye on diversity.

Joining Forces and Implementation

For 18 years, MeeDerby has been using Bullhorn to support their earned data and candidate relationships. But they were looking to utilize that database better. Earned data is one of the most underutilized resources for a staffing firm. HiringSolved is for staffing teams to solve that challenge.

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MeeDerby implemented HiringSolved in early 2022. When asked what prompted signing with HiringSolved, MeeDerby Founder and President, Robin Mee, said, “This is the first technology that we have added to our tech stack at MeeDerby in a long time… HiringSolved’s direct integration with Bullhorn provides immediate visibility and makes our talent database accessible in a whole new way. Using AI to power its ‘Diversity Boost’ search for women and people of color is a game-changer.”

Moving Forward and Results

While we’re still early in the partnership, MeeDerby had already made a placement within two weeks of implementation. Robin Mee shared, “Last week I did a search for a SVP of Operations and HiringSolved brought up a candidate I hadn’t talked to in about 8 years. We immediately connected, scheduled a call for the following day and were both delighted to catch up on her career progression and industry trends. I wouldn’t have thought about her if it were not for HiringSolved.”

Seeing our partner rebuild relationships and reengage with those candidates is such a success. Our goal is always to ensure that staffing teams can use the databases they’ve worked years to cultivate. To see a team immediately see that search success alongside making placements is exactly what we want to provide.

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HiringSolved’s solution is designed to address the unique needs of the staffing industry. Its expanded search functionality populates an initial list of qualified candidates to increase staffing speed and accuracy. If you want to unlock the power of your database, get in touch.