The Most Important Question We’ll Ever Ask You

There’s a question that everyone on our team hears in the back of their heads throughout the workday. We ask it of ourselves, our coworkers, our candidates, and our customers.


When we ask this question, we’re creating a mindset of personalized success. It’s not about creating what is successful in general or for someone else, but deciding, focusing on, and creating what is successful for you for that particular task.

When I was interviewing with HiringSolved this was one of the questions that was asked during one of my interviews. I’ll admit, it threw me off a little bit because I had never had a company ask me about what I felt was successful. It was also one of the major reasons I ended up accepting the position. It set up a relationship where I knew that I would be trusted to work towards my own measures of success.

When our Sales team asks this question of potential customers, we are making sure that what we provide for them is a tool that makes them successful. We want to show them the way that they can use our software to be successful in their jobs every single day. If we don’t know how your company measures success, then we can’t properly see how our solutions can work into your pain points.

Our suggestion to you?

Consider how this question should play a role in your workday! When you start a new task, consider what success for that task is. Is success getting the position filled? Or can success come earlier when an interview is scheduled? By making the choice to imagine and clarify what success is, you can work backward to determine the steps it’ll take to get there. By sharing and making clear your plan for success, you can also get any of the help along that way that you may need!

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