The New Social Resume

What Does Your Social Resume Look Like?

Traditionally, a job search would start in front of a blank page. You’d pick and choose the most flattering examples of your experience—drawing on those professional memberships and community service projects that aligned with the jobs you were looking for. A blank page became a heavily considered roadmap outlining your previous experience and future ambitions.

The social resume changes everything.

Rather than that blank page, people looking for work now start with a web and social networking history that follows them back through their recent professional affiliations to old photos at a college frat party on Facebook.

The social resume is a portrait of your online presence, including your interactions on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., as well as any websites or blogs you’ve worked on in the past. You can lock down privacy settings on many of these sites but, after a certain point, a recruiter will begin to wonder why they can’t find anything about you online—perhaps a larger red flag than those frat photos.

Don’t fight the social resume—embrace it and work on it with the same thoughtfulness that you would a traditional resume.

The social resume doesn’t allow you to hide behind a carefully constructed image of yourself, but it does showcase a wider variety of your interests, professional affiliations, and capabilities to potential employers. Based on this, 92% of employers are actively using social media for recruiting. 1 in 6 people looking for work have actually credited social media with landing their current job.

In order to create a social resume that shows you in your best light:

  • Add your specific job skills, talents, and previous experience to your personal information on social media sites
  • Make sure your social affiliations and experience line up with what you claim on your traditional resume
  • Reconsider what you’re sharing online as posts with poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or profanity can turn away a potential recruiter
  • Follow the brands and companies that you want to work for to get an idea of their culture and stay up-to-date on any new job postings

We’ve upgraded from the blank page to limitless exposure opportunities online. How do you want potential employers to see you? What have you already done to improve your social resume?

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