The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Recruiters

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Recruiters

Posted on December 4, 2019, by Devyn Hinchee

The holiday gift-giving season is here and if you have a recruiter on your list, we’ve got the perfect gifts for them!

More Hours in the Day

Don’t ask us how you’re supposed to do it. Recruiters need more time so if you have some ability to provide it…do that.

A Tech Stack That Actually Helps

Technology is great. Who doesn’t love being able to scroll through their smartphone absentmindedly when they don’t want to make small talk in line at the coffee shop?

A Hiring Manager That Completely Respects Their Recruiting Experience

Just imagine…a recruiter hands a shortlist to the hiring manager and the hiring manager says, “Wow! These are exactly the people we’re looking for! Thank you!” And if a disagreement arises, the hiring manager defers to the recruiter because “they’re the expert!”

A Referral

Let’s just make everyone’s job easier and pass on the right people at the right time.


|If you can’t provide more hours in the day, the least you can do is provide them with enormous amounts of coffee.

Clear Communication From Absolutely Everyone All the Time

If you get an email, reply to it. Get a call? Answer it. The simplicity and beauty of it all…

All jokes aside…

While recruiters would probably love all of those things, they also want what everyone else wants…a great day at work without feeling overwhelmed. This holiday season check-in with the recruiters on your team and see if there’s anything you can do to lend them a hand.

And, hey, maybe you really do have a referral that could help them out!

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