The Power of Internal Data

Recruiting teams spend years compiling internal data to pull from when a requisition comes in. But when that data is locked in the black box of an ATS it often goes to waste.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to utilize those hard-won candidates.

Magnifying glass on a laptop, searching through data

We often hear, “We just don’t have the people we’re looking for in our databases.”

Are you able to search through your entire database to come to that conclusion? If you’re not, then there’s really no way to know whether you have the internal data you need. Now there’s always a chance that concern is correct. More often than not, we discover that internal data is all our users need.

HiringSolved was built to truly optimize the data that you have hidden in your systems. With our unparalleled search and match capabilities, we can search through every single file in your database in seconds. With Workforce Intelligence we can even compare your internal data to the workforce as a whole and let you know if your data is lacking or if you have everything you need.

If your team does need to begin to expand their search to external data, they’re able to go into that search knowing exactly where their databases are lacking making external sourcing more productive.

We were able to help Lowe’s rediscover a massive number of candidates that had been locked in their internal data. With Talent Intelligence and trust in the technology, Lowe’s was able to surpass the their hiring goals by truly understanding the power of their internal data.

If you’re ready to maximize the ROI of your data, get in touch with our team.

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