The Secret to High Volume Staffing

If your staffing team is facing a significant workload and uncertainty about staying on top of everything, you’re not alone. This mid-year point is a great time to sit down and analyze your current processes. As the second half of the year ramps up, we’re seeing “The Great Resignation” alongside increased workforce needs. So what’s the secret to making your high-volume staffing needs happen? Let’s take a look.

Current Staffing Industry Trends to Note

Increased Revenue and Work

According to SIA, the median temporary staffing revenue increased in May 2021 showing a significant increase across all staffing segments. Hiring needs are growing across the country, and the unemployment rate is starting to fall, with the most recent numbers at 5.8%.

As states are heading full force into the reopening process, the workload will continue to increase as we see more and more companies looking to hire lots of workers.

The Role of Data Health

Data has always played a pivotal role in any high-volume staffing strategy. But we’re starting to see more and more teams focused on quality data rather than just quantity. This is music to our ears!

We recently analyzed billions of data points to get a grip on where the industry is when it comes to data health, and it’s not great.

  • 51% of candidates records had no resumes
  • 1 in 4 records was missing work experience
  • 5% of records contained no contact information

We built HiringSolved to fix the staffing industry’s data problem.

Focused and Dedicated Diversity Hiring

As hiring increases, teams need to appeal to the best talent out there. In a recent survey, it was found that a majority of job seekers consider a company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion when evaluating them as an employer.

Beyond appealing to talent, diverse teams have consistently supported more creativity and innovation and more financial stability.

The Secret to High Volume Staffing

When staffing teams are faced with high volume staffing goals, they need the right tools to provide solutions that support their workflows, increase their productivity, and give them the power they need to become expert Talent Advisors.

So how do the most successful teams make it work? Talent intelligence. The right talent intelligence will serve all of the current industry needs and the growing needs as time goes on.

How Talent Intelligence Supports Staffing Needs

Talent Intelligence is collated and contextualized talent data that gives hiring teams actionable steps and insights to make the best hiring decisions. When used effectively, it’s a foundational tool for high volume staffing success.

As a tool, talent intelligence helps to build resilience, an essential skill needed for success in 2021 and beyond.

When requisitions are increasing, your team needs to be able to count on your internal databases. By implementing the right talent intelligence, they can visualize all of their existing data and pull the insights they need to make the best data-driven decisions.

Data health and talent intelligence go hand-in-hand. When talent data is clean and normalized, automation and machine learning can step in to provide talent intelligence insights. Remember: bringing in technology like automation and machine learning isn’t about replacing recruiters. It’s about supporting workflows that give recruiters hours back in their day.

Talent intelligence can also serve your diversity hiring goals! By understanding your data and the data of the workforce at large, your hiring team can have all the details and information they need to make the best hiring decisions.

We recently worked with a national staffing firm to transform their staffing process with talent intelligence and recruiting automation.

All in all, talent intelligence is key to the success of not only high volume staffing but any hiring needs that your team is faced with. It allows you to increase productivity, decrease operational costs, develop your team into talent advisors, and more to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve, no matter what the industry throws at you.

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