Using Recruiting Automation to Improve Candidate Experience

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When you hear the phrase “Recruiting Automation”, what do you feel? For many people, the initial reaction is fear or concern. 

Is automation going to take my job?

Is automation going to cause compliance issues?

Will our team see a decrease in personalization?

Are we going to have to completely overhaul our work processes to implement it?

In reality, implementing the right recruiting automation can result in recruiting teams saving time and money. We’ve seen our own customers save at least 10 hours a week in their workflow. They were able to turn around and use those 10 hours to personalize their candidate outreach, open their calendars to more candidate meetings, and focus on professional development. Effectively utilizing automation was the key to them becoming the recruiter that everyone trusts.

What Is the Right Recruiting

Automation Tool for Me?

Picking the right solution relies on knowing exactly what problems you’re facing. Do a complete and thorough audit of what problems you are facing in order to implement the right technology. The HireCast has an episode all about how to pick the right tech tools here.

Ultimately, you need to know exactly what problems you’re wanting to solve with automation, you need to get on plenty of demos to test out any possible solutions, and then working together as a team to decide which tool to implement. 

How Can Recruiting Automation

Improve Candidate Experience?

Recruiters often cite not having enough time in the day to tackle everything they want to tackle. Implementing recruiting automation brings those hours back in your day.

Keeping candidates in the know

81% of candidates say more frequent updates from potential employers would significantly improve the process. Try as we might, it can get overwhelming to try to effectively communicate with every candidate. Communication is a great way to utilize both the time savings that automation provides and automation tools themselves.

Craft a series of automated emails to candidates to send while you’re waiting to hear back from the hiring manager. You could even build a newsletter that you send out to candidates who are in different stages of the hiring process. Regardless of the level of communication you implement, never underestimate the power of a quick email to let a candidate know that you haven’t forgotten them!

Professional Development

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I’d really love to learn (insert new skill here), but I just don’t have the time”? Using the right automation means that you can get hours back in your week to fill with the tasks that normally end up on the backburner.

Whether you’re wanting to implement new strategies in your recruiting process or you want to learn how to use a new tool to supplement your recruiting skills, using automation to give you more hours in the day can make learning a new skill easier.

Office Hours

Have you ever thought about holding open office hours during the week so candidates can just call you or set up a meeting? The idea probably sounds absurd, but if you’re able to use automation to free up your time, why not turn around and give that time directly back to your candidates.

We understand that using recruiting automation can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to bring in a new tool to your workflow when you’re already feeling so buried under tasks. But we know that the right solution and the right set of tools will bring you the time you need in your day to be the best recruiter you can be.

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