In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar last week with Ed Nathanson of Red Pill Talent. We called the webinar “How Recruiters Can Ensure Their Employer Brand and Personal Brand Live Happily Ever After.” Below is a video replay.


Candidates today have more than just options, they have information. With the world more connected than ever before, your personal brand can have a massive impact on how effective you can be as a sourcer or recruiter.

Let’s put it this way – what do you think the candidates are doing after they get a phone call or email from you? This webinar will discuss why your personal brand is important, how to build and foster your brand, and some definite “no-no”s, too.

Talent acquisition professionals who follow the advice outlined in this webinar will:
– Increase response rates to their social media messages and emails
– Receive more returned phone calls
– Improve candidate trust

About the presenter:
Ed Nathanson has over 20 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition, Employment Branding and HR Leader. He has been a Keynote speaker at LinkedIn Talent Connect Australia 2014, LinkedIn Talent Connect US 2013, Main-stage Speaker at ERE 2015 and was the live stream host for LinkedIn Talent Connect in 2014. Ed’s work has been featured in “Recruiting for Small Business: The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide”, “The LinkedIn Recruitment Video Playbook” and in publications like Wired, The Boston Globe, CNBC and among others. Ed is the founder of Red Pill Talent, LLC.
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