The news isn’t just the place to find out what’s going on in the world. It can also be the place to find those passive candidates that you may not find otherwise.

From how to phrase a Google search to the importance of alerts and more, Jim Stroud recently took us through some of the best ways to source passive candidates from the news (and blogs and videos and magazines…he’s thorough). Now the best part about this webinar isn’t just the Ron Burgundy pictures, it’s that you will get simple, actionable steps that you can take to source from the news. We’re not talking about suggestions that might work and are worth a shot, we’re talking about sharing exactly how to get it done step-by-step.

Want to know how to best use “wildcards” in a Google search? That’s covered.

Wondering how to find the best journalists to network with? That’s covered too.

Trying to figure out how to search content that isn’t indexed by Google? Yep, he covers that.



58 minutes of learning could change the way you source. Go ahead and hit that play button.

For the resources that are mentioned in this webinar, click over to Jim Stroud’s website here.