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Staying fresh on what’s happening in recruiting is imperative for a good sourcer. Finding the time to organize what’s worth reading and what isn’t can be a pain. Since you have better things to do, we went ahead and compiled the most important pieces from last week for a nice weekend read. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy

We wanted to recap 6 of our top picks from the week so you can stay informed without the hassle. This week was brought to you by refining your technique, examining your shortcomings, raging against machines, and patting yourself on the back.

#1 Bots Will Disrupt Recruiters in Four-to-Seven Years

Start packing recruiters! Your days are numbered!

According to blogger Mark Farmer, it’ll start when the bots take your pizza orders – then they’ll take your jobs.

Seriously though, this piece offers some inventive thoughts on how advances in bot technology could impact the recruiting field. The statements Farmer makes about the future of recruiting technology are bold (and by nature unverifiable). But that doesn’t mean they’re unfeasible.

(Aside: As an employee who sits right next to the engineers who work on machine learning tech including bots, I know what kind of colossal undertaking this project would be to resemble anything remotely to what Farmer discusses. Don’t hold your breath – but then again: don’t count it out.)

For skeptics, Farmer makes the comparison to what baseball recruiters used to tell Billy Beane, the Moneyball guy. They once said you could never replace the judgement and insight of a seasoned recruiter with spreadsheets. Try telling that to the Red Sox nowadays.

#2 Talent Mining

As a counter-balance to the “bots will take your jobs” article, Glen Cathey’s Talent Mining piece discusses some of the limitations of current recruiting tech. His breakdown of the five levels of sourcing offers a peek into the many challenges engineers must somehow overcome to even remotely approach what a seasoned sourcer is capable of.

This article goes over the many levels of sourcing – with techniques ranging from simple keyword searches all the way up to social engineering. Cathey heavily emphasizes the idea that algorithms are still very far away from being able to do a lot of the deeper sourcing techniques that make for a master sourcer. He cites how their strict aggregation techniques end up cutting a lot of qualified people out.

No offense taken.

Cathey then introduces the theory of “talent mining” and the many forms it can take depending on individual skill. He recognizes how “capital data” can be used to predict interesting things about a candidate’s intentions, but argues for a more hands-on autonomous approach.

He then breaks down 5 categories of sourcing in order of increasing skill. “Level 1 sourcing” is the basics of taking terms from a req and using it for a boolean string. “Level 2” introduces synonyms, “level 3” is a reverse type of search using the “NOT” operator, “level 4” explores semantics and “level 5” is an engagement strategy based around social engineering.

The backdrop to this piece is motivated by the idea that even though technology is getting better for people aggregators, recruiters aren’t suddenly able to become lazy in their methods. They still need to think critically and abandon the belief that an algorithm can do everything for them. Self-sufficiency is key.

#3 Announcing the 2016 SourceCon Fall Agenda

This piece is a good lead-in promotion for the upcoming Fall SourceCon that goes from September 22-23.

It outlines SourceCon’s philosophical focus on collaboration, sharing, and learning as the center issues for the upcoming event. The article relays how SourceCon intends to provide techniques you can implement right away which cover areas like rejection management, sourcing on Slack, email marketing and more.

#4 The 5 Biggest Mistakes Recruiters Make

This week we have another Matt Charney article to tell everyone what they’re doing wrong. In this article, Charney discusses overly-broad searches, excessive resume-reading times, and the problems that come when you believe everything you think.

My favorite part was the end when he discusses how recruiters should “ignore all blogs”. I get it – it’s reverse psychology right? Kinda like a Looney Tunes exchange between Blogs Bunny and Recruiter Fudd.

Blogs: Read my blog.
Recruiter: I don’t wanna read your blog.
Blogs: Read my blog.
Recruiter: I don’t wanna read your blog.
Blogs: Read my blog.
Recruiter: I don’t wanna read your blog.
Blogs: Don’t read my blog.
Recruiter: For the LAST time. I will read whatever blog I want – whenever I want! Now hand it over!

#5 A Better Prophet

In this article, Jackeye Clayton points out how recruiters unanimously love free tools. She goes a step further to validate that by saying they love free tools that work.

RecruitingTools was a major part of the initial product launch for the Chrome extension PROPHET – so it’s only fitting that they would have the inside scoop on the latest upcoming features.

Clayton explains some of the new features coming out in the next few weeks include a built-in “mini-ATS” feature called Lists and a way for recruiters to put out rewards for information with a feature called Bounties.

#6 12 Recruiting Fist-Pump Moments

Last week we ended with a vitriolic diatribe about hiring managers, so I wanted to end with some positivity this time so we’re giving off the right vibe. This feel-good post is meant to remind you of all your successes in your recruiting efforts.

Enjoy this post (try not to get a seizure from all the gifs). We often spend a lot of time focusing on what needs fixing that it’s easy to forget to step back sometimes and pat ourselves on the back. Since we’re all so bad about this, now is as good a time as any to congratulate ourselves and celebrate our successes.

Hopefully this post reminds you of some of your personal recruiting victories so you can write them down for some much needed self-love. Go easy on yourself! The world is filled with enough obstacles and critics to get in your way – there’s no need to add to it.


A lot of great tech and techniques were mentioned in the last week – as well as events like SourceCon on the horizon to look out for. Also, feel-good exercises are good for your mental emotional health. Take time to remind yourself of your successes and your low-metric grind-days won’t feel as heavy. We look forward to next time!