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What Does Staffing Look Like in 2022?

2022 is just around the corner, and that means two things:

  1. We all get to be boggled by how another year has gone by.
  2. We need to start thinking about what to be ready for when it comes to 2022 staffing.

We’ve dealt with a whole lifetime of change in the past two years, and while it’d be nice to slow down, we likely won’t be doing so anytime soon.

A Quick Look at Staffing in 2021

After the early 2020 hiring freezes and transformations, hiring came back with vigor. In September, SIA projected a 16% growth rate for staffing in 2021. Retirements, “The Great Resignation,” new desires for the role of work in life, a newly empowered workforce, and more are making the industry move increasingly fast. 

We even released a new instance of HiringSolved catered specifically to staffing teams and the changing industry needs you’re facing.

But enough about the past – what’s ahead?

What Does Staffing Look Like in 2022?

Alongside the massive growth that will continue into the new year, there’s also an expectation of increasing turnover and a labor shortage. As Adrianne Nelson, Staffing Industry Analysts Senior Director of Global Membership Products, stated in a recent podcast episode, “It’s good to be in staffing right now, but tough to find talent.”

Facing an ever-changing hiring landscape, staffing teams need to be focused on a few particular things for success in 2022.

Speed and Efficiency

Speed is the name of the game this upcoming year, but that doesn’t mean your team can sacrifice quality. The market isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so your teams need to move fast to keep clients and candidates successful. Waiting too long to get through candidates and extend an offer means missing out on top talent.

Beyond that, teams need to redeploy contractors quickly to keep them employed and keep teams fully staffed. Automation and Artificial Intelligence can’t be avoided in 2022 if you want your team to get people hired and keep them employed.

Controlling Spending

Let’s be honest: Is there ever a time where you don’t have an eye on the budget? Staffing teams need to be able to use their earned data better to fill requisitions faster, so they can fill even more. Recruiters need to get up to speed quickly to start making those placements that clients are clamoring for.

Therefore, tools and resources will be a worthy investment in 2022. If you haven’t already hit the ground running on that research process, check out Talent Tech Lab’s 3-part series about Talent Intelligence starting here.

Building Expertise

Clients are going to be relying ever more on staffing teams to be the hiring experts. In a hiring environment like 2022 promises to be, hiring managers are turning to recruiters to be Talent Advisors, and staffing teams will be no exception. Your team will need to know their industry well to edge out the competition and build a successful reputation.

For many staffing teams, building industry expertise varies depending on the growth of each segment. TRICOM outlined some of the fastest-growing segments YoY (August 2020 to August 2021):

Travel Nurse – 85%
Allied Health – 33%
Office/Clerical – 21%
Industrial Staffing – 29% in June
Life Sciences – 21%
IT – 19%

If you’re looking to dedicate your team’s expertise, those segments are well-worth keeping an eye on in 2022.

Flexibility and Innovation

Whether it’s the transition to work from home or being ready for constant changes, staffing teams need to have the data, resources, and time they need to shift and innovate.  The staffing industry has always been fast-moving, but these past couple of years have highlighted how being flexible separates success from failure. How can your team become more flexible in the new year?

To stay ahead, your team needs the space, time, and energy to innovate. In 2022, support your team’s ability to learn and grow. This could take the shape of new software or simply by listening to what they have to say.

Ultimately, 2022 is looking like a new year of continued growth and opportunity, but the teams who are ready to tackle it head-on will be the ones who are standing tall by the end of the year. Now you tell us…what do you see happening in 2022? We want to hear your thoughts on Twitter!