What If Recruiters Became Talent Advisors?

Recruiters are at the front lines of hiring. They see it all; the good, the bad, and the just plain unnecessary. They are getting handed requisitions from hiring managers with outlandish requirements that leave them struggling to fill a pipeline. Then the only feedback they’re hearing is, “I just want to talk to one more candidate.”

Recruiters need to know the flaws of a requisition quickly if they’re unreasonable. They also need to be able to provide feedback and structure to the hiring journey and they need access to the tools that make that possible.

Here at HiringSolved, we believe that talent intelligence gives recruiters the power to become talent advisors.

What is a Talent Advisor?

Talent Advisors are focused on making the best decisions using an eye on the future and a foundation of data. Talent Advisors are able to take on an advisory position with Hiring Managers by having the sharpest knowledge about their industry and the data to back up their claims.

With the right tools and skills, any recruiter can become a talent advisor.

How Talent Intelligence Creates Talent Advisors

Since Talent Intelligence makes sense of and brings context to data it is a core part of being a Talent Advisor. By making data actionable, Talent Intelligence is what makes a recruiter become a talent advisor.

Talent Intelligence gives recruiters the data they need to understand how best to fill a requisition. With that knowledge, recruiters are better able to build stronger pipelines with more powerful candidates. For example, let’s say a hiring manager wants to interview 5 female forklift engineers in a small town in Wisconsin. But a Talent Advisor is able to show that there are only 4 female forklift engineers in the area. Having this knowledge can help the Talent Advisor and Hiring Manager work together to make the right changes.

Find out how to fill your team with Talent Advisors!

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