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What Is Sourcing and Why Does It Matter?

Talent Acquisition is a big industry. You’ve got your recruiters, your sourcers, your CHROs, your directors, staffing specialists, recruitment marketing team, advisors, consultants…we could go on and on. For many TA professionals, your job requires taking on multiple responsibilities. Although, some teams choose to keep things a little more separate. Let’s take a look at what sourcing is and how it can be valuable for your team to focus on sourcing and recruiting as two distinct roles.

What Is Sourcing?

Officially, sourcing is “the proactive searching for qualified job candidates for current or planned open positions” (Source). Sourcing is responsible for identifying active or passive candidates that would be a good fit for a particular role. Sometimes sourcing involves being the first line of candidate outreach for a position and nurturing those individuals into applicants. Still, some teams prefer to keep that task to the recruiters rather than the sourcers.

Many companies also combine sourcer and recruiter roles into a single position, so while it can be a separate function in and of itself, not all teams work that way.

Newton Talent shared the relationship between sourcing and recruiting well, “Neither sourcer nor recruiter is considered primary nor secondary. Instead, like the structure of a DNA molecule, both teams are intertwined yet play unique roles.

Why Does Sourcing Matter?

The fact of the matter is that people can’t be an expert in every field. While everyone wants to learn and grow, there has been a push to limit a job’s responsibilities to ensure that you have experts on your team handling what they’re best at. Focusing on quality sourcing ensures that your team’s talent acquisition process gets off on the right track.

So why does sourcing matter?

It allows experts to do what they’re best at

Not all recruiters are sourcers, and not all sourcers are recruiters. While there are people who have lots of experience with both skillsets, allowing your team to focus on a particular aspect will enable them to be more strategic in their work.

Sourcing is one more place you can build a relationship

Skilled sourcers are exceptional at building up a network of qualified and talented people. We all know that talent acquisition is about relationship building and having a dedicated sourcing effort gives you yet another space to provide a positive candidate experience.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Sure, it’s cheesy, but it’s true. Having dedicated sourcing and recruiting staff brings collaboration to the next level leading to a more engaged team and a more strategic effort.

By letting sourcers work their magic, your recruiting team can expect an always-ready pipeline of talent. Then recruiters can focus on building those relationships. Allowing sourcers to focus on finding and qualifying talent means that recruiters can use their time more strategically. There’s no more time needed to get on an exploratory call with a candidate to determine if they’re qualified. The sourcing team has already done that work!

To support the talent acquisition process effectively, sourcers need the right tools to get their work done. They need to be able to search their internal candidate data. HiringSolved can help with that.

Sourcing with attention, focus, care, and expertise is the foundation for a successful talent acquisition process. With the right sourcing strategy and skill on your team, there are no limits to the incredible work that you can do.