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What Is Talent Intelligence?

We call ourselves a Talent Intelligence platform. Let’s talk about what that means.

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Your ATS, CRM, and HRIS are filled with incredible amounts of data. But is your team getting any sort of value from them? Can your team take any sort of action on that data? Can your recruiters build a search and return contextualized pipelines of candidates that are a perfect match for open positions?

Talent Intelligence allows you to collate and contextualize talent data to give recruiting teams value and actionable steps.

At HiringSolved, we apply Talent Intelligence to your data to make it accessible and visual while crafting correlations to help you improve search.

Basically, HiringSolved helps teams to use that data to guide their decision-making.

Creating Talent Advisors

What if recruiting teams could become teams of Talent Advisors?

Talent Advisors are focused on making the best decisions using an eye on the future and a foundation of data. They’re able to take on an advisory position with Hiring Managers by having the sharpest knowledge about their industry and the data to back up their claims.

By making data actionable, Talent Intelligence is what makes a recruiter become a talent advisor. Recruiters can manage expectations from a hiring manager to ensure satisfaction while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Data-Driven Decisions

As Toby Culshaw pointed out for ERE, “Talent intelligence is particularly powerful in times of change, during which decisive data-backed decision-making becomes vital.” 

Talent Intelligence really comes down to using data effectively. Its power can extend far beyond talent acquisition.

Culshaw shared how critical it is to understand that TI helps you “look at the much larger business decisions far earlier in decision-making cycles.” Your strategies can get off on the right foot simply by making sure that data is at the root of them.

How do we help you implement Talent Intelligence?

We can integrate across all talent databases so no matter your current workflow, we can optimize it. Our automatic Talent Insights visually represent the data that you need to know about your candidate lists; how diverse they are, where candidates are located, what their education level is, and more. Search capabilities make it easy to discover candidates locked within your systems and Similar Search allows you to find more candidates whose experiences match your top performers.

The HiringSolved implementation process is second-to-none. In 90 days, we’ll have the solution live in your systems. Training is a top priority for us so our team will work directly with you before, during, and after the implementation to make sure that you have all of the skills you need to hit the ground running.