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What’s New at HiringSolved: Product Updates, New Events, and More!

As September and quarter three close, here at HiringSolved, we’re looking forward to a busy end of the year. Alongside holiday celebrations, we’ve got our eyes on Staffing World.

Before we dive into the end of 2022, we wanted to share what went down in the last few months.

Product Updates

A deep understanding of staffing workflows is the driving force behind all we do here at HiringSolved. The continual updates to our tool are no exception. 

Improved Search and Search Filters

Search and match is our bread and butter, so our Engineering team is always looking for ways to improve search. With our new candidate source filter, you can now filter your search results based on where the candidate entered your ATS from. This helps to highlight where the best candidates are coming from so you can focus your efforts effectively. 

There are also some brand new search filters in our Jobs dashboard, including placement status, source, notes, tearsheets, and more.

We’ve also updated our location search so you can now search by state and zip code to make location searching even more straightforward.

Candidate-to-Job Matching

Our new candidate-to-job matching feature is the fastest way to match qualified candidates to qualified roles. This feature starts with the people and matches the job, ensuring that you take a people-first approach to your hiring. Click on the Job Matches in the candidate profile to see the roles that the candidate most aligns with. From there, you can visit the job page to confirm the qualifications and get to hiring.

Essentially, we’re automating the recruiter’s Rolodex. You know the candidates and applicants, and now you can match them to their best-fit roles directly from their candidate profiles in HiringSolved.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Bi-Directional Notes with Bullhorn

Notes are a cornerstone of the recruitment process. If you’re a Bullhorn user, notes in HiringSolved now appear in Bullhorn and vice versa. This helps keep institutional knowledge at bay and ensures that your knowledge as a recruiter is accessible at every step. Updates happen in real-time, so you don’t lose time in your efforts.

Searching on LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter

While we think that earned data is a goldmine, we know that sometimes you have to look externally to find the perfect candidate for a role. That said, we’ve created the ability to build a search in LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter directly from the search results page. Click “Search on LinkedIn” or “Search in ZipRecruiter,” and HiringSolved will automatically build the search in your chosen platform and return the results in a new tab.

What We’re Looking Forward To

It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on the close of 2022. As September falls into October, we’ve got plenty to look forward to.

Staffing World

We’ll be heading to Las Vegas on October 25th – 27th to meet with everyone at Staffing World. We’ll be at Booth #620 if you want to stop by and say hello. We’re happy to provide a demo as well! We’re also looking forward to diving into all of the sessions like, Cultivating an Organizational Culture of Inclusion Through Empathy and Innovation and Does Change Have to Be So Hard?

Will we see you there?

Exciting Product Updates

We’re constantly creating new and improved features in HiringSolved to ensure you always get the best system. Moving into the end of the year, we’re looking at continuing to build search features that make the search even easier. We’re also constantly creating new features to ensure that HiringSolved becomes a one-stop shop for your recruiting and staffing needs.