Why We Love Working with Recruiting and Staffing Teams

It’s that time of the year where we take a moment to take stock of what this year has brought us. 2021 has simultaneously felt like just a continuation of 2020 and an entirely new challenge. Through it all, we’ve been reminded just how happy and grateful we are to be a part of the Talent Acquisition industry.

Why We Got Started in Talent Acquisition

We’ve been in the industry since 2012, but our co-founder Shon Burton has been in it even longer. He started as a staffing recruiter for the technology industry, where he was “crushingly surprised about how hard recruiting was.”

He began to look at recruiting from an engineering perspective. And he figured out how to automate some of the manual processes to make recruiting just a little easier.

From our start, we’ve focused on supporting recruiters and making their work as effective as possible. Since then, we’ve built our Talent Intelligence platform off of that experience to reach our newest iteration.

But enough about us.

Why Recruiters Are the Best

We’re constantly reminded how incredible recruiting and staffing teams are through our years in the industry. We’ve seen you all deal with economic downturns, hiring freezes, applicant overwhelm, healthy economies, a pandemic, and that’s just the start.

Throughout it all, we’ve seen teams and industry leaders like you and yours approach each day with care, compassion, and unmatched energy. But it’s a tough industry to be in. Many professionals are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, and beyond stressed. Today, we’re seeing some of the most significant numbers of HR and TA professionals citing burnout as a major source of concern in their work.

We wanted to take some time today to share why we love working with recruiting and staffing teams. What is it that inspired us to join HiringSolved? What are we grateful for in this industry? Our team had plenty to share.

Kunal Patel

“Our clients are impacting and changing the lives of your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers everyday. Helping them find their next adventure in their career. We get to help make that happen with our tech and be part of a greater overall purpose that is beyond just another dollar, but actually bringing change and happiness to people’s lives through the use of our tech.”

– Kunal Patel, Executive Director, Business Development

“Every recruiter I’ve worked with has been unbelievably kind and passionate. They’re always so generous with their time and knowledge. When I started at HiringSolved, I had never worked in the Talent Acquisition industry before and I relied on learning from so many great recruiting and staffing professionals. Everyone was always so passionate about sharing their love for hiring and making the candidate and employee experience better. It inspires me every day to reflect that positivity and generosity in our content.”

– Devyn Hinchee, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

“I joined HiringSolved after working as a sourcer where I was one of those overwhelmed people looking for tools to make life easier. Working with these teams every day to help make their processes more efficient gives me the chance to bring the tools I needed to our users. The teams I work with are so passionate about getting people into the right jobs. It’s an honor to support such an impactful industry.”

– Dan Louks, Customer Success Manager
James Houchin

“Working at HiringSolved is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to improve the face of hiring for candidates AND employers. HiringSolved makes an opaque and emotional process transparent and equitable—values that our company and products live out daily.”

– James Houchin, Director of Marketing

“I know this is a cliche, but the best part is helping customers solve problems…Ask questions, listen, learn, and provide a solution that helps. By listening instead of being a pushy salesperson, you can better understand the real issues at hand and work together to solve them. In the end, if I’ve solved their problem and my customer is happy, then I’ve done my job.”

– Marc Mapes, Executive Sales Director

All in all, we love working with recruiting and staffing teams because we know that those teams have the power to change the world of work for the better. We get to work with these passionate people every day while building tools and solutions to support those goals, and there’s no other industry we’d rather be a part of. 

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