Why We Only Work With Your Internal Data

Here at HiringSolved, we love internal data. We love normalized, clean, and actionable data that helps recruiters do their jobs better. If you’re a recruiting team leader, you’re probably the same way.

Our History with Internal Data

HiringSolved was built by recruiters, for recruiters. Before creating HiringSolved, we found ourselves missing the data that we needed and running into major roadblocks accessing the data that was locked in our ATSs and CRMs.

In 2014, we launched PROPHET, a Chrome extension that combed the open web for the other profiles and contact information. In 2019, we launched PROPHET II, an updated version of PROPHET that created a more fully-functional sourcing platform.

Then we made the decision to sunset PROPHET II. As we moved forward with optimizing our aggregator, we realized that it was in conflict with what our values are. “Today, with the changes in the law, privacy concerns, easy availability of mass amounts of PII, and the expectations of users, we are announcing that we are moving in a different direction. We believe the aggregator market is now a race to the bottom. Instead of following that path, we will innovate and change the game.”

After making that choice, we focused entirely on utilizing internal data.

The Power of Internal Data

Most recruiting teams have spent years building up their candidate databases and those databases are gold mines. 

HiringSolved provides the mining tools that recruiting teams need to tap into those gold mines.

Saving Time

For many recruiting teams, internal data is the only data that is complete. External data (like social profiles) can be a great addition to your sourcing and recruiting strategy, but they also hold a lot of privacy and time suck landmines.

HiringSolved gives your team the searching capabilities they need to be successful. Learn how AECOM tripled their search speeds using HiringSolved here:

Saving Money

Outside of the old adage, “Time is money,” utilizing your internal data can actually help you save actual dollars. 

We broke down the cost of adding a candidate to your database here, but the fact of the matter is that when you already have qualified candidates in your database there’s no reason for you to hunt down those candidates again.

By utilizing your internal data, we know that you are immediately dealing with better quality data. If a candidate is in your internal database, they are already invested in your employer brand. They have shown an interest in your company and have already interacted in some way with the recruiting team.

By utilizing your internal data you can expect to see higher open and response rates to your communications, like Lowe’s saw when they started using HiringSolved

On top of the higher quality of the data itself, you can feel certain that your data is compliant and secure.

There is always space for external data and candidate searching in your recruiting strategies, but we believe that having quality and actionable internal data is the most important first step you can take.

If you’re ready to take that first step, schedule a demo with us and we can show you how HiringSolved will transform the way you recruit.

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