Full Stack Engineer Chandler, Arizona

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer to help create easy sourcing tools backed by tons of data.

About us: We're predominantly a Python shop, but we don't stop there. Oh no, we use Javascript, C, and even a little Go. We might work in a pirate ship, but that doesn't stop us from solving problems at scale without breaking a sweat. Fine, sometimes we sweat, but we still look good.

About you:

  • You love building stuff, and have a solid understanding of web development technologies.
  • You obsess about quality, scalability and usability.
  • You've mastered at least one server-side programming language (Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Go)
  • You have experience with a relational datastore
  • You have some experience with non-relational datastores
  • You have experience with Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • You have some experience with javascript frameworks (Backbone.js, AngularJS)
  • You are a hacker at heart, with wide and varied interests

Apply to this job

Email us at jobs@hiringsolved.com to apply. Don't forget to attach your resume and whatever else you want to show off!