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Don’t Overhaul Your ATS & CRM – Optimize Them

Transform your existing legacy systems into data goldmines, and start mining actionable insights to improve search and match.
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You’ve made significant investments in your ATS and CRM tools – so why aren’t they delivering the features and efficiency you need?’s State of Application Tracking Systems found that 40% of recruiters say their ATS lacks features, and 32% say it’s too complicated or difficult. To make matters worse, your CRM and HRIS are separate from your ATS, and siloed data makes analysis and efficient placements impossible.

You know you have to update your legacy technology, but an overhaul could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take over a year to complete – and there’s simply no time.

Less than half of recruiters surveyed think their ATS does a good job of matching candidates to roles.


Unify and Optimize Your Data with HiringSolved.

HiringSolved sits on top of your existing ATS, CRM and HRIS, organizing your existing internal data and optimizing search-and-match. The solution integrates directly with your existing databases, extracting real value and presenting data insights about candidates, qualifications, contracts and roles in seconds.

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With HiringSolved, Implementation is Easy.

Our expert team analyzes your existing workflows, then normalizes and scrubs your earned data to make sure it’s ready for fast, accurate search and match. We test everything prior to launch, and once it’s up and running, our customer success team is available for training and on-going support.

HiringSolved Optimizes Your Legacy Systems by:

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Bringing AI-powered search-and-match capabilities to your internal databases.

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Cleaning and normalizing data across your ATS, CRM and HRIS.

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Fitting seamlessly with and improving your existing workflows.

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Delivering intelligent and actionable talent insights and analytics.

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Prioritizing candidates to increase the probability of successful placements and boost revenue.

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Providing a guided, automated experience with RAI to improve recruiter productivity.

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Key Benefits of ATS and CRM Optimization

HiringSolved delivers all of your data in a single pane of glass and makes it searchable in seconds, so you can make the best hiring decisions faster.

By laying on top of your databases, HiringSolved eliminates the need to rip and replace your existing systems, helping you maximize the investments you’ve already made in your technology stack.

HiringSolved organizes your data and results so that it’s fast and easy to compare candidates and place the right people in the right roles.

With automated insights, you can proactively market employment opportunities to trusted candidates.

40-60% of available candidates found in external searches already exist in your internal systems.