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How much time do you spend each week searching for candidates and reviewing resumes after a requisition assignment?

Does it feel as if your entire days are spent sorting through and reviewing resumes and searching through your databases for candidates that don’t quite fit the requirements of your open reqs?

It’s no wonder… today’s candidate matching process relies entirely on manual effort and institutional knowledge. Recruiters must match them to the correct position and work with their clients and customers to qualify candidates effectively. With thousands of people in your database, it comes down to the sourcing process to separate the qualified from the right fit – a time-consuming inefficient process that delays hiring and introduces risk.

Stop the madness! HiringSolved created Candidate and Resume Match to help sourcers and recruiters save time searching, so they can spend more hours building lasting relationships with contractors and candidates.

HiringSolved increases matching accuracy by 96% or more, 3X faster than manual processes.

Match Resumes to Roles, Automatically.

Built with nearly a decade of experience in data normalization and artificial intelligence, HiringSolved matches candidates to resumes with the push of a button. It reads and parses resumes to extract the pertinent information and match candidates to roles and search terms in seconds.

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Our system is so intuitive, users can actually drag-and-drop a job description into the search screen, and HiringSolved serves up qualified candidates automatically – with 96% greater search accuracy than leading systems– 3X faster than manual processes.

HiringSolved Simplifies Sourcing by:

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Automating the process of reviewing thousands of resumes for a single open req.

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Highlighting search terms in the results, so you can see why a result was returned.

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Providing context so you can place candidates faster.

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Key Benefits of Candidate & Resume Matching

Our simplified user interface is intuitive and curated with your unique processes and workflows in mind. Simply enter your search via keyword, Boolean string, job description, or resume and get results instantly.

HiringSolved uses Resume Match technology, which leverages data from your team’s star players’ resumes or job descriptions to model your open job reqs. Simply drag-and-drop into the search screen and HiringSolved automatically finds similar candidates from within your internal data.

HiringSolved leverages AI and machine learning to match candidates to open reqs with speed and precision, and becomes even more accurate the more you use it.

Save recruiters 25% of their work week with automated searching and matching capabilities while improving sourcing quality with a 96% search accuracy rate.

HiringSolved Candidate & Resume Match cuts sourcing time by 25% or more.