Talent Redeployment

Ready, Set, Redeploy!

Keep contractors and employees working and pipelines full, with smart and timely re-deployments.
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Ongoing industry changes mean staffing teams need to move quickly to grow and drive revenue.

Redeploying existing candidates with proven track records is preferable to finding and vetting new ones. Plus, you’re leaving money on the table when your candidates are off contract. Unfortunately, complex spreadsheets and manual workarounds get in the way of moving at the pace of today’s volatile employment market.

HiringSolved’s system automatically matches contractors coming off of contracts to new opportunities, while notifying staffing teams of who needs a new role, before their contract expires. The result? You earn additional incremental revenue by keeping your contractors employed full-time.

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.


Redeploy & Reskill Talent with Rich Data Insights & AI-Powered Candidate Match

HiringSolved’s Talent Redeployment capabilities leverages AI and machine learning to analyze and understand vast amounts of candidate data across systems.

Talent Redeployment automates the painstaking task of searching for available candidates, matching qualifications to required skill sets, and placing good people in jobs they’ll love.

HiringSolved Optimizes Talent Redeployment by:

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Track when candidates are ending contracts.

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Align candidates’ skill sets to open reqs.

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Automatically match candidates to new opportunities.

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Identify opportunities for upskilling/reskilling.

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Key Benefits of Talent Redeployment

Recruiters are notified at 90, 60, and 30 days before a candidate’s contract expires and serves up potential opportunities, so candidates keep working and recruiters keep jobs filled.

With automated insights, you can proactively market employment opportunities to trusted candidates.

Talent Intelligence helps your team better understand the data at their fingertips and how it applies to the world at large. They can take that knowledge into their conversations with leaders and guide the strategic hiring decisions that make a difference.