As a team of one, you have a lot to do without a lot of time to do it. That’s why we’ve designed a tool that gives you an extra hand without extra headcount. Here are some of the things that solo recruiters love most about HiringSolved.

Candidate Search Directory

HiringSolved’s Search Directory lets you browse through pre-built searches across a wide range of candidate types. Search for a game developer, executive chef, registered nurse, data scientist, wellhead designer, and many more with one click.

The Search Directory is another time saving feature that allows you to spend less time hunting for the right candidate and more time contacting, collaborating and closing.

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Multiply your perfect candidate

If you have an ideal resume you can use HiringSolved to easily find more with our advanced Candidate Cloning technology. Simply upload a resume to start your search. HiringSolved instantly analyzes the resume and produces candidates with matching skills. No keywords required. You can even combine search types by starting your search with an example resume then using keywords and boolean strings to refine your results.

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Automatic skill mapping

Combing through resumes to determine a candidate’s expertise is tedious and time consuming. Our product streamlines the process by showing Skill Clouds that highlight frequently used words in each candidate’s resume and online profiles. This visual indicator makes it quick and simple to scan profiles and find a good fit.

HiringSolved combines this skill analysis and visualization technology with our Quick View interface to provide a lightning fast way to review and tag candidates for contacting or accessing later.

Smarter candidate search

In addition to returning profiles for your exact query, HiringSolved provides suggestions for related words and titles to refine the results. Search suggestions are invaluable for making your results as precise as possible when there are multiple names for the same role or acronyms you may not know. Related keywords will be shown for any search, allowing you to add new keywords just by clicking on the suggestion.

Solo recruiters start at

$149 per month

Not the right fit? View all our plans
Not the right fit? View all our plans