Working together with other recruiters is always a challenge. To solve this problem, we designed a product that improves efficiency and collaboration. Here are some of the things that teams love most about HiringSolved.

Organize and Collaborate

Teams need to seamlessly flow together and always stay in sync. HiringSolved provides tools that let teams work together efficiently with features like Talent Tags, a flexible labeling system which lets users tag candidates with job names, interviewing status, qualifications or anything else that makes sense for your workflow. Talent Tags are immediately visible to all active team members, allowing the team to see each other’s actions as they happen. Team members can also save, label and share searches as well as see who last viewed a candidate. This allows teams to work together on search results without duplicating effort.

Easy team administration

When people join or leave your team, use our admin tools to quickly manage users. You also can use reporting to track your team’s search activity and profile views. Better yet, you can dynamically create and assign users as often as you want. If someone is leaving on vacation, simply assign their seat to another team member. Creating and disabling users, and viewing reports is easy with HiringSolved’s team admin tools.

Multiply your perfect candidate

If you have an ideal resume, you can use HiringSolved to easily find more with our advanced Candidate Cloning technology. Simply upload a resume to start your search. HiringSolved instantly analyzes the resume and produces candidates with matching skills. No keywords required. You can even combine search types by starting your search with an example resume then using keywords and boolean strings to refine your results.

Find talent in any field

Unlike most sourcing solutions, HiringSolved’s database covers all skill sets. If you’re responsible for diverse talent acquisition, why spend hours switching systems or sites when you could search one database and find candidates for every job on your list? Instead of just having tech candidates, we have biotech, oil & gas, sales, marketing, medical, nursing, management, design and so much more. Source anyone and everyone within one place. Our Search Directory contains pre-built searches for candidates in over 50 diverse professions so you can start searching with one click.

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Not the right fit? View all our plans