Many sources. One platform.

Works for outbound

The web is the database. TalentFeed combines powerful AI based software with information from the social web to produce a living database with hundreds of millions of candidates and insights on skills, talent, experience, education and more. If your candidates exist, TalentFeed will find them.

Works for inbound

TalentFeed+ combines the same powerful AI based software that we use to analyze the social web with your efficiency ATS, CRM and HRIS data sources. This provides a secure, private platform for AI based recruiting automation everywhere in the organization, enabling a new level of recruiting efficiency and intelligence.

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Time-Saving features of TalentFeed


Teach our software who you want to hire with zero additional effort. With projects, you can organize your recruiting workflow into jobs and candidates. Our software will learn how you, your team and your company match candidates to jobs and will suggest new matches automatically. This capability can make a recruiter 100% more effective by reducing the time needed to manually search and sort candidates. Use our ATS & CRM integrations to make this process effortless.


Diversity Search

HiringSolved Diversity Search™ engine leverages recent developments in data science and machine learning to help increase workforce diversity by analyzing hundreds of data points per candidate, enabling fast, efficient searching and sourcing of diverse candidates without the need for user-based manual selection or Boolean search strings.

Diversity search

Automatic Inbox

Use our Auto Inbox feature to automatically match candidates to your projects or job description and deliver them right to your email each day. You can even accept or reject candidates directly from your email and our system will learn and improve candidate suggestions over time.



RAI is an experimental AI powered recruiting assistant created by HiringSolved. You interact with it just like a human assistant. It can find candidates for your job. I can even help you create and send messages to them. Working with RAI is as simple as having a conversation.

Search smarter

Smart Search

Smart Search suggests extra terms to improve your results. Toggle a list of similar terms chosen by our machine learning algorithm. Courtesy of machine learning techniques.

Export search

Expert Search

Toggle "Expert Search" for boolean string fanatics. Parse search with the ultimate control. Unleash the full power of boolean operators, field searching, boosting and much more.


Our matching algorithm uses clues to tell which contents belong to the same person. It makes sure information about one person ends up in one place.

Search relevance

Search Relevance

Built-in countermeasures like Search Relevance filter out skill spam to ensure the millions of candidates you find are actually useful. Quality and quantity go hand-in-hand.



Verticals filter all results for a specific niche. This search algorithm focuses on talent in industries including healthcare, software, biotech, oil & gas and more.

Similar search


SCAN reviews your database, updating outdated records with new information including contact details, work experience, social networks and more.

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