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HiringSolved automates the most time-consuming parts of the recruiting process while simplifying and perfecting the hiring journey. Say goodbye to those recruiting roadblocks!

Standard Process:

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HiringSolved Process:

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Skills Based Recruiting

When recruiters are trying to find the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role, they need a tool that will search efficiently and return accurate results quickly. HiringSolved’s advanced search and match technology lets recruiters search via keyword, Boolean string, and even by uploading a desirable resume or the job description itself. Our extensive insights and analytics bring you the Talent Intelligence you need to find the perfect candidate and our messaging capability lets you quickly build a positive candidate experience.

AECOM was able to build a candidate shortlist 3X faster than usual with a 96% search accuracy…compared to the 46% accuracy they were facing before integrating with HiringSolved!

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High Volume Recruiting

High volume recruiting roadblocks are a thing of the past with HiringSolved!

Transparent Scoring allows you to filter through every applicant for an open role by inputting your must-have and nice-to-have qualities. In seconds, our advanced AI and matching algorithms will find you the perfect applicant.

Projects helps recruiters stay ahead of the curve by helping to build pipelines before a position is even open. HiringSolved’s AI even suggests relevant candidates based on the needs and expectations of the role.

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to hire over 70,000 people in just 90 days…surpassing their hiring goals by over 15%!

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Diversity Recruiting

Diverse teams are the way forward. They cultivate innovation and have proven to help the success of a business.

Bring understanding and accountability to your hiring with Diversity Prediction. Diversity Prediction provides insight into each stage of your recruiting process. Our AI improves pipeline diversity by identifying diverse candidates in a compliant and inclusive way. By visualizing the diversity of pipelines, recruiting teams can work together to combat any roadblocks and build incredibly diverse and successful teams.

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“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer | IBM

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