Automatically source & review top candidates

We seamlessly integrate with your ATS, CRM, and HRIS to change how your recruiters work, automating mundane tasks so they can work on the human part of being.

We provide instantaneous results by giving recruiters a single, intuitive platform to see and search all candidate data across all systems, automatically match candidates to jobs, and automatically and transparently score applicants for all jobs.

Hires 70,000 people in 90 days

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to identify, score, and hire over 70,000 new associates in just 90 days.

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Search and Filter Candidates

HiringSolved unifies your search to look through every data record you have with one simple, quick search. Boolean search also allows you to create advanced searches to meet whatever specific requirements you have. Filter candidate search results by location, company experience, data source, skills, education level, and job title to find exactly the candidates and job title to find your exact match. If you need to expand your search, HiringSolved intelligently suggests additional relevant terms when performing a search, ensuring no qualified candidate is left out.

Make collaborating with your team a breeze – save useful searches, add candidates to a personal project, and add notes so your team members can see exactly where a candidate is in the pipeline.

Easily Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Integrated messaging lets recruiters easily message candidates to gauge interest and set up interviews. Send a message to one candidate or an entire list and make sure each candidate’s experience is top-notch.

Make communication and consistency easy by creating email templates and sharing them across the entire hiring team. You can even optimize your communication strategies reviewing open and response rates of each campaign, all within HiringSolved.

Quickly Qualify Candidates with Insights and Analytics

HiringSolved’s Transparent Scoring scores applicants based on each position’s requirements to quickly allow you to see the best potential candidates. Optimize HiringSolved’s scoring algorithms with manual control over each scoring criteria.

Use RAI, HiringSolved’s AI-driven voice assistant, and Workforce Intelligence to see how your internal data stacks up against the rest of the global workforce.

Each search returns crucial insights needed to make the right choice. These include total candidates in a search, diversity rate of candidate pipeline, source info, locations, job title, education level, company, and more.

HiringSolved gives power back to recruiters. Recruiters become talent advisors who help guide the right candidates through the hiring process and provide hiring managers with data needed to find their perfect fit.

Time Saving Features of HiringSolved

Diversity Boost

Diverse workforces are the way of the future, but all too often diversity recruiting leads to exclusionary practices. With HiringSolved’s Diversity Boost you can automatically reorder results to distribute diverse candidates at the top of a search by boosting for inclusion of gender, ethnicity, and military service…without excluding a single candidate.

Transparent Scoring

HiringSolved instantaneously scores applicants based on each position’s requirements and automatically showcases the best potential candidates. Manual control over scoring criteria means that the user decides what criteria the applicants are scored on so the control never leaves the hands of the user.

HiringSolved Everywhere Extenstion

No matter how good the technology is, retraining people is expensive and recruiters are already inundated with tools so logging in to another one isn’t appealing. We solve this by adding capabilities of HiringSolved directly to your existing ATS, CRM, and HRIS so you can get many of the benefits of HiringSolved without ever logging in.

See everything known about a candidate across multiple systems by opening the HiringSolved widget in your ATS, CRM, public social sites, and many more locations.


Build personalized candidate lists with or without an open position and build candidate pipelines that are ready as soon as you need them. Projects takes feedback from HiringSolved users by watching which suggested applicants are accepted or rejected, and automatically improves suggested candidates for a Project.


What if you have a job with hundreds of applicants? Your recruiters are either looking at all of them manually or using a data management technique that means, inevitably, some great candidates are being overlooked. Jobs lets you see all of the applicants in one location and allows you to message any portion of the applicants in just a few clicks. HiringSolved’s Transparent Scoring allows a recruiter to score the applicants based on compliant “must have” and “nice to have” skills saving users hours of applicant review time.

Why We Do What We Do

We Believe Hiring is Broken

We created HiringSolved to fix old and outdated processes that leave recruiters overwhelmed and candidates disappointed.

We help enterprise recruiters make sense of their ATS, CRM and other talent databases through talent intelligence. We want recruiters to focus on high-value functions like engaging and selling each opportunity to the right candidate.

We rapidly and compliantly scale recruiters’ productivity by anticipating their needs and understanding what’s relevant right now.

But at the end of the day, our biggest goal is to create the best technology that lets recruiters stay human.

We changed the way these companies hire forever