What This Webinar Provides:

In this webinar, Shon shares the 4 game-changing insights HiringSolved has learned in nearly a decade of data experience along with 3 key ways your current process is setting you up to fail, 2 ways to invest in the future of your recruiting success, and the one thing that all successful organizations have in common when it comes to their data.

Time Saving Features of HiringSolved:

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Support Quality Sourcing with Normalized Data

See how to implement automation in the recruitment process to get ⅓ of your work week back.

Fast and Efficient Integration
with Existing Systems

Get up and running with HiringSolved in a matter of weeks, not months, so that your team can get back to doing better work.

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Industry-Leading Machine
Learning Experience

HiringSolved has been in the recruiting automation space for a decade, and we are constantly optimizing our software to exceed our users’ expectations.

“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer | IBM

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