Diversity Recruiting in 2021 and Beyond

Against the backdrop of one of the most significant racial justice movements and a worldwide pandemic, we saw major organizations go public about their need to better support, value, and hire people from all walks of life. Learn more about the TA industry changes we’ve seen and how recruiting teams can lead the charge to change diversity in the workplace.

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This Whitepaper looks at the most recent industry changes we’ve seen and highlights some of the leaders in the space who are making a difference. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of where we’re at as an industry and the steps you can take to progress.

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Time Saving Features of HiringSolved:

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Advanced Analytics and Insights

See how to implement automation in the recruitment process to get ⅓ of your work week back.
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Focus on Compliance and Privacy

HiringSolved focuses on diversity prediction rather than self-identifying data that people are often wary to share.
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Visualize the Reality

We believe in visualizing the reality of the situation. By understanding where candidates drop-off in the hiring process recruiting teams can uncover where bias creeps in and they can take charge to correct it.
“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer, IBM