Finding the Right Candidates During a Talent Overload

As the market changes, the recruiting and hiring world is going to be facing a massive storm of applications for every job posting. Find out how recruiters can still find the right people during this talent overload.

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This white paper explores the changes that the talent acquisition is facing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also looks at how high-volume applicant numbers have been handled in the past and what recruiting teams can do to handle them more efficiently as we move forward.

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Time Saving Features of HiringSolved:

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Be Prepared for the New Normal

Explore how COVID-19 and the resulting economic changes are transforming the recruiting landscape.
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Find the Right Candidates Faster

See how HiringSolved’s Transparent Scoring feature allows users to sift through thousands of applicants to find the right ones instantaneously.
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Unlock the Power of Internal Data

Learn how understanding and utilizing your internal data can help you manage an influx of applicants.
“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer, IBM