What This Report Provides You:

This report takes an honest look at where companies are in their diversity recruiting journeys and how they need to progress to be successful.

How HiringSolved Supports Diversity Recruiting:

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Advanced Analytics and Insights

Using data to support diversity recruiting leads to better decisions. HiringSolved’s advanced Insights dashboard visualizes the diversity of any pipeline.

Focus on Compliance and Privacy

HiringSolved focuses on diversity prediction rather than self-identifying data that people are often wary to share.

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Visualize the Reality

We believe in visualizing the reality of the situation. By understanding where candidates drop-off in the hiring process recruiting teams can uncover where bias creeps in and they can take charge to correct it.

“I normally dislike having to source for candidates in our ATS – it’s just more complicated to use. Now, with HiringSolved, it is a breeze!”

Recruitment Sourcer | IBM

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