HiringSolved enables recruiting teams with AI-powered technology that turns overwhelming workloads into manageable processes and makes finding the perfect candidates easier than ever.

HiringSolved’s technology is recruiting simplified. This means that our streamlined workflow makes it possible to find and communicate with qualified candidates in just minutes.

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Unified HR Data

HiringSolved unifies your ATS, CRM, and HRIS and allows the entire TA team to search in a single interface. Real-time insights let you see exactly where your candidates are coming from and how they match up with each job’s needs.

Automate Applicant Matching

HiringSolved compiles all existing applicants in one place, automatically scores each with complete transparency, and displays exactly how an applicant’s experience matches up with the position’s needs.

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Surpass All Expectations

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to identify, score, and hire over 70,000 new associates in just 90 days.

We Changed How These Companies Hire

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Build a Shortlist 3x Faster

AECOM used HiringSolved to curate a qualified candidate shortlist in just 20 minutes…3X faster than usual!

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Hire 70,000 People in 90 Days

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to rediscover, score, and hire over 70,000 people in 90 days…surpassing their hiring goals by over 15%!

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Time Saving Features of HiringSolved

Insights and Analytics

Detailed insights on candidate search results show common job titles, previous employers, education, skills, locations, and more. Click any insight and limit candidate search to those results.

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Diversity Prediction

Automatically reorder results to distribute diverse candidates at the top of a search based on multiple criteria.

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Transparent Scoring

Filter candidates with real-time applicant scoring from structured and unstructured job requirements, automatically generated by HiringSolved.

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