Our expert team has successfully integrated with various customer databases including ATM, CRM, HRIS, and more.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with data crawling, data pulling, parsing, and normalization. Having led dozens of integrations with Fortune 500 companies and every applicant tracking system software, the HiringSolved team is available to support you and your team through every step of the process with weekly updates and customer support for any questions or concerns.

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Workday provides users with a single finance, HR, and planning system. By integrating with HiringSolved, Workday users are able to optimize the power of their existing system and recruit better, faster, and smarter.

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Jobvite is a comprehensive recruiting platform with an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a recruiting branding solution, and more. With a HiringSolved integration, Jobvite users are able to enhance Jobvite’s potential with incredible search capabilities.

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Greenhouse’s applicant tracking system supports users through every step of the recruiting journey. HiringSolved and Greenhouse together are able to create an unstoppable recruiting process from start to finish.

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Taleo from Oracle provides comprehensive recruiting power with innovative design and configurable workflows. Together with HiringSolved, Taleo users can expect a tenacious optimization to their existing recruiting capabilities.

avature logo

Avature allows users to deploy recruiting strategies with the greatest impact for their teams. By integrating HiringSolve with Avature, users can expect a heightened level of productivity and efficiency throughout their recruiting team.

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iCIMS creates a simplified recruiting process with a thorough system for every step of the recruiting process. HiringSolved integrates flawlessly with iCIMS to build a dynamic solution to every recruiting roadblock.

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Smashfly helps users make sense of their pipelines to build a complete and strategic recruiting process. HiringSolved integrates easily with Smashfly to optimize a team’s abilities every step of the way.

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IBM Kenexa Brassring helps recruits engage and nurture the top talent that teams need. An integration with HiringSolved gives users flawless search capabilities and incredible recruiting power.

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SAP SuccessFactors transforms HR strategies with their Human Experience Management system. After an integration with HiringSolved, SAP SuccessFactors users are able to hit their hiring goals and build a stronger recruiting process.

Bullhorn logo

Bullhorn unifies your entire staffing agency to achieve profit, growth, and a seamless candidate and customer experience. HiringSolved brings industry-leading search capabilities to increase efficiency by 10x and vastly improve data visibility.

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Native to Salesforce, TargetRecruit brings all the benefits of a fully integrated, single-source enterprise ATS solution. HiringSolved increases search speed and visibility by 75% or more—with talent intelligence behind each step.

JobDiva content

JobDiva’s software tools make up a hub for consultant hiring, communication, and analysis. With HiringSolved, JobDiva users will see 30-55% increased efficiency, advanced analytics and insight, and improved diversity recruiting with HiringSolved’s Diversity Prediction Dashboard.

The Integration Process

Recruiting Workflow Analysis

First, you will work alongside our Customer Experience experts to define your existing workflow and identify critical success metrics for your team. We will also explore how integrating recruiting automation will alter your existing work processes.

Data Integration

Next, we will help you define your data requirements including mapping out necessary data fields, procuring data, and establishing data validation steps.

Testing & Deployment

Finally, we will build a testing and training plan with you to ensure that all users are ready to go once our recruiting automation technology is integrated.

Speed of Integration

We know that speed is of the essence. That’s why we work to ensure that integration, including adoption of current business workflows, into the HiringSolved candidate discovery and scoring process happens in 90 days or less.

“We use HiringSolved, because NOTHING is easy to find in Workday!”

Kathy C. | VP, Talent Acquisition | Dow Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our integrations are extremely flexible and HiringSolved’s award-winning recruiting automation has integrated with all of the leading ATS, CRM, and HRIS solutions.

Each timetable is unique, but we plan on a 90 days or less timeline. Our team will start the process by providing you with a detailed project timeline so there is never a question of what is being worked on. We’ll be with you through every step of the process with weekly updates as well as ongoing support for any questions you may have.

We have a team that will work directly with those on your team who are appointed as project leaders. The scope of customer involvement varies but these are some overall estimates to start with!

Throughout the process, we will need three points of contact to work with:

  • A workflow subject expert who can spend expect to spend between 4–10 hours with us through the whole process
  • A technical integration manager who can expect to spend between 10–20 hours on the project
  • A project coordinator who we will work with 1–2 hours a week to keep everything on track

HiringSolved has tripled productivity for our clients by turning complex systems into clear, easily searchable databases. By structuring your data and providing much-needed insights, we will help you discover qualified candidates faster than ever before. After integration, your recruiters can get back to providing a stellar candidate experience rather than spending hours wading through incomprehensible data.

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