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Help your recruiters stay Human

HiringSolved lets recruiting teams be more productive than ever.

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Technology handles automating the work processes that need to be automated, while recruiters are able to cultivate the personal relationships that candidates crave.

HiringSolved was made by recruiters, for recruiters. Our team understands the roadblocks that hinder the recruiting process – so we built HiringSolved to fix them.

Unify HR Data

HiringSolved unifies your ATS, CRM, and HRIS and allows the entire TA team to search in a single interface. Real-time insights let you see exactly where your candidates are coming from and how they match up with each job’s needs.

Automate Applicant Matching

HiringSolved compiles all existing applicants in one place, automatically scores each with complete transparency, and displays exactly how an applicant’s experience matches up with the position’s needs.

Shortlist 3x Faster

AECOM used HiringSolved to refine a qualified candidate shortlist to present to the hiring team three times faster than usual!

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Hires 70,000 people in 90 days

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to identify, score, and hire over 70,000 new associates in just 90 days.

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Time Saving Features of HiringSolved

Transparent Scoring

HiringSolved instantaneously scores applicants based on each position’s requirements and automatically showcases the best potential candidates. Manual control over scoring criteria means that the user decides what criteria the applicants are scored on so the control never leaves the hands of the user.

Integrated Messaging

Easily message candidates to gauge interest, setup interviews, and more with HiringSolved’s integrating messaging. Send a message to one candidate or an entire list, and make sure each candidate’s experience is top-notch.

Automated Candidate Pipelines

Build candidate pipelines with or without an open position – so they’re ready as soon as you need them. As users build a list, HiringSolved will suggest possible candidates from within the existing ATS/CRM. Feedback of which profiles are accepted or rejected is then used to automatically improve suggested candidates.